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Can you recommend a good call-blocking app for Android?

Asked by downtide (23815points) September 12th, 2013

I am getting a lot of telemarketers calling my cellphone. Rather than change my number I am considering an app to block unwanted numbers. But there are so many apps to choose from and I don’t know which can be trusted. Are there any such apps that you can recommend?

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Do you use your Google Voice number, or do you have the phone number provided by the carrier?

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I use the number provided by the carrier. I’ve had this number for over 10 years and I really don’t want to change it.

I have no idea what Google Voice is.

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Try AVG. It’s the best.

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I did a quick search for AVG reviews and came across this: “I had AVG on my android phone but removed it cause it was annoying and kept putting legit messages in quarantine, luckily I didn’t need for blacklisting my phone came with a built in blacklister.”

For what it’s worth…

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Well I can say that it is pretty good because I am using it in my android phone right now. I have tested the call blocker and it works really well, your phone doesn’t even ring when the annoying caller is calling you. Plus it scans your phones apps and system performance and it even blocked an app that had a virus on it. So I am telling you from my experience that it is a pretty good app to try. FYI it doesn’t do anything like that on my phone.

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There are many call blocker apps in every Android such as

- NQ Mobile Security (NYSE:NQ) : It supports number of languages including Chinese, English, German, French, Portugal and Spanish. This app include number blacklist, auto SMS response, spam SMS blockage etc. You can also transfer all your contacts to their servers so that you can get them back anytime.

- Mr. Number-Block calls, texts: You can easily block calls and text messages from any number, numbers with specific area code or from the entire world. You may also report Spam calls, SMS and MMS to warn other users

- Call Control – Call Blocker: his application allows you to fully control who can make phone calls to you. Just install this application on your android phone and you will be able to blacklist any specific number, numbers with specific area code, private and unknown calls etc.

- Call Blacklist by Vlad Lee: If you want to prevent any number from calling you again and again, then this application will be much helpful for you.

- Truecaller – Caller ID & Block: It allows you to lookup mobile as well as landline number from all over the world. So you will get unknown caller’s information before answering the call.

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@JamesHarrison these are very helpful, thank you

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