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What are a list of things that one can do to screw up ones life?

Asked by tenureandandlemons (159points) September 12th, 2013

My father said that knocking up my mom when he was 20 and my mom in high school , ruined his life… What about you? What have you done to think you screwed up your life? Also how do you overcome the loss?

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1. Getting hooked on drugs and/or alcohol. No one ever intends to become addicted. The best way to avoid it is not to use.

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2. Commit a felony.

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he sounds like a charming father
3. abandon your children

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Living my life according to the whimsical dictates of people I barely knew.

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Hey @drhat77 Let’s smoke some weed, hold up a liquor store and leave our kids behind. Come on! It will be a blast!

4) Quitting school to stay with a girlfriend in a different city.
That is all hypothetical. I have not screwed up my life – yet.

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Your father is embittered. And it is not as if he didn’t have anything to do with his downfall.

Nothing has to screw up your life unless you let it. You can’t change your circumstances, but you can change how you respond to events.

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@Jeruba said the same thing that I was thinking. Drugs and alcohol will mess up a future really fast… I’d say it’s the worst thing as it also messes up the lives of those around you.

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My husband knocked me up 22 years ago when we were both 20. It made life a little difficult, but it didn’t ruin our life. We are quite happy. @marinelife is correct. “Nothing has to screw up your life unless you let it.”

I think the worst thing you can do is become addicted to drugs. That will ruin your life.

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Get into abusive relationships.

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@janbb And staying in them. Have far too many friends and family trapped in that one.

Refusing to accept help from others, knowing your limitations. My father almost killed himself a couple years ago because he did not want to go to the hospital.

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Have to agree with others, getting addicted to drugs is a huge fuckup, I would say.
Pretty much living life in the fast lane in general. Trying to make money too fast, trying to have too much fun at once, trying to do anything too much all up front.. not a good thing.

Burning bridges makes things really really difficult.

Never do a bad thing to another person on purpose.

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First and foremost is giving a fuck about what anybody thinks.

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1. Self-medicate with alcohol and/or illegal drugs
2. Don’t pay your bills fully and timely
3. (U.S. only) Don’t waste money on even a basic health insurance plan.
4. Live from paycheck to paycheck, and never have any money for life’s next emergency
5. Forget that your head’s where your brains are, and always do what your heart says
6. Ignore that nagging little voice (a.k.a. your common sense) that tells you to walk away from a bad situation or relationship
7. Have unplanned children whom you can’t support financially or emotionally
8. Become very materialistic, buying clothes, cars, and other items you can’t afford.
9. Shun education and strive to stay ignorant
10. Carry a concealed weapon, just in case someone annoys you
11. Believe that everyone’s careless or thoughtless words or deeds are personal attacks, and take deep, lasting offense
12. When you have an opportunity to be kind, instead be rude and obnoxious
13. Decide that rules are for the meek, and assert yourself by breaking them
14. Break your vows and renege on your promises

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You drive your own life and anything can screw up your life if you let it, but if you use it as a learning experience and grow from it then its not something that screwed up your life but became now a learning experience instead.

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Move to Belgium & sink all your money in the chocolate ashtray on a motorbike business.

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Not taking care of your body (in general)

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@ucme Do I detect a note of regret there? Are you a chocolate ashtray biker?

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I told my kids that there are three things that they should never do, because Daddy can not save them if they do…
1. Get into drink or drugs, only to discover that they are the personality type that becomes a prisoner of either or both
2. Do not get into trouble that can not be settled with an apology or a small fine.
3. Do not be a parent until you cherish the notion and can afford it.

BTW, so far, so good.

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@DWW25921 No regrets, largely because I just make this shit up as I go along.

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something something about building a meth empire

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@Michael_Huntington . . . something something something about taking down a meth empire – hank

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Mmmmmm sweet sweet meth… :) Good times.

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Be born into a well-off family.
Don’t be poor.
Be attractive.
Don’t be unattractive.
Don’t do drugs or alcohol.
Eat healthy.

You’re life will be boring, but you won’t ruin your life! Lol.

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you forgot “don’t mess with @Blackberry or @Symbeline”

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Be the victim of identity theft.

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Beating yourself up for just being human and making human mistakes that you can learn from.
Each experience toughens you and you learn for the next.
All this is preparing you for the future you.
Pain,suffering in ones life leads to new perspectives and strength.
Imagine a Judge who did not have life experiences nor had felt pain and sufferring in his life?
What kind of judge of character would he be?
Most people in high responsible positions in life had gone through some upheavels in their lives to make them the understanding, compassionate, fair minded people that they become in the end.

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@SadieMartinPaul you could not have been more correct.

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Marrying a person that has different values from you, getting into dept by living beyond your means.

Lucky for me neither of those pertain to me but I know people who are miserable because of those two reasons.

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Til debt do us part.

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