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This father's way of combating his daughter’s apparel choices he deems inappropriate; effective, silly, good, your thoughts details inside?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) September 12th, 2013

disclaimer Make no mistake it is a fashion question, to those who don’t like questions of fashion and dress bail out now. It is not a hypothetical question but real and current events. Again, bail now if you don’t like questions of fashion based off real events

Was there another as effective way for this father to handle what he thought was an inappropriate wardrobe choice of his daughter? What else could this father had done to bring his teen daughter in line with family dress standards? This article proves that:

A. Some females love to dress briefly for comfort, attention, both, or something else.
B. That in spite what some Flutheronians believe (based off their passed comments) a female who happen to be a minor can obtain and wear apparel their parents think is too sexy. Especially if they purchased such items with money they earned by babysitting, dog walking, some other part-time job.
C. Parent have few or little means to stop the behavior short of trying to confiscate the offending apparel.

Was his illustrating to her how he felt she looked, even if it embarrassed her, the best or most effective way he could have used? Arguing IMO would have produced little.

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Sure, @Hypocrisy_Central. This is a fashion question.

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If she is a minor, and he is her male parent, then Dad gets the final say. That’s why they call it parenting.

whether that’s fashionable or not

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Seems to me if you do a good job parenting, then you don’t need to go to that extreme; you just have rules.

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@syz I take it you were never a teenager? Teenagers exist to break and bend rules.

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He looks good in shorts! Decent tone in his legs, fabulous. Maybe he’s going to start a trend? I’m not gay or anything but he’s man-tastic! Oh, he’s a good dad too and all that.

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It is about the same as parents trying to humiliate their offspring in public for their musical taste.
Also, one must question the mental capacity of a so called father that does not realise that clothes look different on a good looking female than they look on a wrinkly, fat, and half decomposed old hag.

And no, this is not a fashion question. This is a question that seeks to justify shaming practices by failed parents as a last ditch attempt at undoing their colossal failure.

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^^ Said the parent of no one as well as a Username that should worry any parent.

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@Blondesjon You made me laugh. Yeah… irony much?

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I think it’s hilarious, personally. If it gets the message across, then good for him.

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“Change the shorts or you don’t get to leave the house” seems pretty effective to me. Shaming children isn’t something I condone.

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As a daughter who refused to listen to her parents starting at about age 14, what that dad did wouldn’t faze me. Kids always find a way.

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I agree with @DominicX. It’s pretty effing hilarious and I don’t think what he did was that terrible. I think the story about the mother making her daughter stand on a street corner with a sign is terrible, but this dad was only making a fool of himself. and I’m sure most people thought it was pretty funny to see

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I thought he looked pretty good in those shorts, and my parents never complained when I wore short shorts.

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Unfortunate some parents only start trying to be a parent after their child has grown to teenager. Had he parented well from the beginning, he wouldn’t be having this issue now. And now, he resorts to extremes to prove he’s a good parent.

The daughter didn’t become disrespectful overnight. The parents are responsible for how she is now.

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I think that the photo is really funny too! LOL!
Years ago my mother had a fight with my father ( both in their fifties then) about her
getting more modern by raising her hemline (in the 1960’s when mini skirts were prevalent).
Anyways all five of us kids were at the table eating Supper when she approached with her long dress past her knees and ripped off about a foot of material to ask my father what was acceptable?
We all laughed when she tore her dress right up to mini standards! Her chubby legs under her now torn dress looked halarious! Anyways it ended with a compromise of just below the knee a bit.
This father could have compromised with his daughter as to what was acceptible.

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That’s awesome!
My dad didn’t go to that extreme. He just took me back to the mall and made me return my purchases.
Funny, I’m 42 now and he still doesn’t approve of the way I dress. lol

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Meh you should see some of the crap my daughter wears. She’s responsible and a good kid. Whatever. I think this guy’s an idiot but… he’s free to to parent as he wishes….

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According to the article the daughter didn’t ‘get’ it, anyway. Not surprised, she looks pretty self-absorbed. She looks like she spends an hour a day doing her make up!

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Her name is Myley and she bears striking resemblance to another Miley. Coincidence?

I think it was a pretty funny way to get his point across. And the pictures are priceless. I agree that the way people dress says something to other people about who they are. Teens try to push boundaries and it’s up to the parents to correct that as they see fit. I definitely like his approach more than the mother’s – calling the girl’s shorts “slutty” probably isn’t very effective.

I hate reading answers to questions about parenting. People here seem to think they’re the world’s greatest parents and everyone should raise their children exactly as they did/do. It’s a level of narcissism that really bugs me.

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@Mr_Paradox Clearly, I was a teenager once, and I understood the rules of the house and followed them (for the most part).

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Give the guy an A+ for creativity,

And a C for the uneven tanning on his legs.

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@glacial Sure, @Hypocrisy_Central. This is a fashion question.
YOU BET IT IS, the catalyst of the issue is something she purchased or obtained that one wears, that makes it apparel. How apparel is worn is called fashion, surely you remember the “grunge” period. That was not a style of clothes but how the clothes were worn. So:
A. She had apparel that she wore that was too daring or racy for her father.
B. The father admonished her or tried to get her not to wear it.
C. She decided not to listen and do as she pleased.
D. He decided to mimic her fashion to show her how she looked to him.

The whole issue was behind the clothes, not something you can’t see like attitude, anger, grades, ambition, etc. It may go beyond fashion, but it is every bit a fashion question.

@syz Seems to me if you do a good job parenting, then you don’t need to go to that extreme; you just have rules.
To make sure I read you right. Is that an all encompassing statement to say if any parents have a daughter that dose blank, or is caught blank, or doesn’t do blank, that father or mother is a bad parent; same as if their son gets blank, end up in blank, of does blank? Especially if it is not just house rules they are breaking but laws and rules of society?

@ragingloli Also, one must question the mental capacity of a so called father that does not realise that clothes look different on a good looking female than they look on a wrinkly, fat, and half decomposed old hag.
Oh, we can’t speak of the fact some women look hotter, sexier, or better in clothes over other females, even clothes that are suppose to be sexy as those spoken in the article. We are to respect every wrinkly, fat, and half decomposing old hags to believe they can wear them and look as hot, sexy, and attractive as women who actually are in those clothes~

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Had he parented well from the beginning, he wouldn’t be having this issue now. And now, he resorts to extremes to prove he’s a good parent.
How could he? He was only allowed to give a time out when things went south since she was born. He is left like a quarterback calling an audible; if he beats the defense and rips off huge yardage or gets a touchdown it was a brilliant play. If the ball gets intercepted, or he gets sacked for a loss, then it was a bone head play. Had he done what was necessary to hold her respect into her teens people would have said he was too cruel, harsh, or draconian.

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Also, I wouldn’t call any clothes my daughter wanted to wear “slutty”. Maybe “inappropriate” or “too revealing”, but not slutty.

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