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How to get funding as a volunteer?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) September 12th, 2013

Ok, so say I would like to volunteer somewhere not within the U.S but money is tight and I could really use the help getting the money to cover my travel expenses. Does anyone know of any grants or other types of funding for people who want to volunteer in different countries? For example I am not looking for a program in particular that pays for you to participate in their volunteer program, but say you wanted to go to a country in Central America to volunteer for an organization that couldn’t afford to help pay for your travel expenses.

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Have you looked into setting up a 501©3 organization? Just a thought.

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If you have a degree you can join the peace corp. if you are religiously affiliated you can raise money through churches. Otherwise, it’s a sales job and you convince people you know that it’s a worthy cause and you ask them for help. If you form a non profit like mentioned above then the donations people give to help you can be tax deductible.

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@Adirondackwannabe what is it exactly?
@Judi I already know where I want to go I want to volunteer in Nicaragua for the One Two Tree organization, but I have no way of paying to get down there.

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Most people, that would give you money (grant), in the US want you and the money to stay in the US.
Ask One Two Tree for you have any moneys available for you to get there.

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Have you talked to the organization? They probably have a whole host of info about fund raising. I’m sure people can send money directly to them on your behalf and have their donation be tax deductible.

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@Trance24 A 501©3 is an organization for a tax exempt purpose, so contributions are tax deductible. Possibly your organization is already exempt.

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