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Free music editing software for windows xp?

Asked by eambos (8909points) June 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

My friend is looking for a program to mess with some mp3’s and midi’s. All he needs to do is add traps or cut peices out, no soloing tracks. Does anyone know a free program to do this?

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Tell him to try Audacity.

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audacity is the best.

You do have to get an MP3 encoder to save files if i remember correctly though, I can’t remember, it might have been an issue with mine i don’t recall, but yea Audacity is the best out there especially for free.

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I think this is the folder you are referring to.

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yep thats the one, I happened to have the file anyway and knew I had it somewhere from another program, so it landed up working the way i wanted it to anyway.

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A second (or third or fourth) for audacity

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audacity is what i use

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Audacity all the way!

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Audacity is the way to go. My band records all of our demos through it that we use to practice with.

@ beast: don’t worry, I gave you the credit with a “Great Answer”

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Beast is long gone, much to all of our pleasure. But good to know that you are fair =)

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who is beast and why is he/she gone?

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Just be happy that you didn’t have I deal with that annoying d-bag. Check his profile.

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Guitar pro

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