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Do you eat at buffet style restaurants?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) June 22nd, 2008

What one do you like? What do you like/dislike about them? All I have to say is yuck!

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only buffet style restaurant i eat is a japanese one, they have the best victoria bass, man, love that place

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I like breakfast buffets, but any other meals I prefer a la carte

The one exception would be Mongolian BBQ, which is kinda buffet style.

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I only eat at buffets on a special occasion. I like the Old Country Buffet.

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I eat at a chinese restaurant buffet occasionally. What i like is the selection. They have sushi and all kinds of seafood plus stuff you expect from a chinese restaurant. I always overeat though when i eat there. It’s all you can eat and i try and eat it all.

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they are E-VIL! yet i still go on occasion. i have hygiene/cleanliness/safety issues with them. ever look around at who else has their hands in the food you’re eating? the sneeze guard just doesn’t cut it for me. ick!

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I like the local heady grocery store (only organic natural foods). They have an awesome buffett.

I also dig golden corrals breakfast buffet.

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India Palace in San Francisco on FIllmore.

It breaks all stereotypes on buffets, as well as Indian Food. Hands down, my favorite restaurant. Everyone I’ve ever taken there has absolutely loved it and “converted”.

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I hate buffets. They are so gross and I Leave feeling so stuffed and uncomfortable. I never really eat my dollars worth.

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Indian lunch buffet. Mongolian grill. A fantastic huge Chinese buffet that is all seafood on Sundays.

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I do NOT like buffets. Aside from questionable cleanliness, freshness, and low quality food, they typically promote over eating. Gross!

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Chinese buffet= yummy nummy, in my tummy. Totally worth it.

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The only buffet style restaurants I eat at now are like Chinese and Japanese styles. They are usually really good, and have a little bit of everything, but nothing compares to a real sit down restaurant.

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ci ci’s pizza is one of the most depressing food experiences I have had. But in a fun way.

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I’ll only eat at oriental buffets because they have a little bit of everything and are usually pretty good, but always pale in comparison to the real thing. I wont go to Old Country Buffet or anything like that though, YUCK.

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Nope, nope, nope… NOPE I’m hollym

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no, I’M hollym! :)

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Occasionally, I do. Kome in Daly City is the best – sushi for days and cute little fruity mousse desserts. Dangerous and delicious. Weekdays, 19.99 per person. I can easily eat $20 worth of sushi at a Japanese restaurant, so this is a total steal.

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