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How does the water taste in your home town?

Asked by talljasperman (21798points) September 13th, 2013

I live in Canada and most of the time the water, from the tap, is passable, what is the water where you live?

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Like 7 other people have drank it before.

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Not great. We have hard water here. Though, where I used to live, the water was really nice, was a shock when I moved here.

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Good, we are lucky to live in a county with some of the best water in the state.

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Very good. I prefer it slightly chilled

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Very chlorinated. But that is relatively simple to deal with.

It’s also very hard water from calcium. Even tho it doesn’t really affect the taste, its a PITA to deal with. It cruds up everything it comes in contact with. Toilet, showerhead, Pots and pans, coffeemaker, steamer, rice cooker, pet dishes etc etc. it’s just horrible.

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It tastes watery.

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I drink water from my well; it is delicious and cold. I often add ice, freshly squeezed lemon juice and some mint for a pleasing beverage. In high summer, I add also a little brewed tea and sugar.

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Ours is okay, but not great.

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It is my favorite water and beverage. I drink it all day long (bring it to work).

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NY on lake Ontario – it’s award-winning good (but I still pass it through a filter).

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My water taste fine but my grandmother’s water taste metallic and rusty, kinda like blood. It’s disgusting even to gargle _

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The water just up the road burns my throat. I shudder at the thought of drinking/eating food prepared at that location. At home, it’s better, but I have a water purifier too.

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I have a well at home. The water has a little iron, but tastes good. The water in the city where I work tastes slightly worse than cow piss. And it’s about the same color. Some days it’s so bad I won’t wash in it. I have washes in my desk.

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It tastes like chlorinated shit.

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Even the city water is excellent, but many homes that are on rural properties here in the Sierra Nevada foothills/mountains have wells. All water is Sierra snowpack runoff, and my old well was 600 ft. deep in solid granite. Deeelicious, mountain cold water.
I really notice how warm and funky other cities water is.

When you wash your face up here it really wakes you up! lol
I was in San Diego seeing friends a few years ago and I just kept running the water, waiting, waiting, for it to finally get COLD! Yuck…luke warm “cold” water. Gah, I’m spoiled after 22 years in the Sierras.
Just look at my goose in his sparkling mountain kiddie pool. haha

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Tap water in Southern California is borderline undrinkable.

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I think it’s fine (south Australia foothills) but my son who’s sort of a teenage moaner and groaner anyway refuses to drink it (chlorine, fluoride!!) so I buy some bottled water.

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It’s magically delicious!

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@Mama_Cakes You have lithium in your water supply ey? lol

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Ours is excellent. There was some fear that the Rim Fire in the Sierras might ruin the water, but it didn’t. I don’t understand why anyone in our community would buy bottled water but they do.

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Sometimes it tastes all mediciny and shit. I don’t like it.

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It doesn’t taste so that should mean it is good. Sure, it rains 10 months out of the year and we live in a valley. Glaciers in the Cascades melt during the summer and provide us with pure water during the summer. And Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax. </superiority>

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In my opinion, non-potable.

If you pour a glass and let it sit of the counter, in about 15 minutes your glass will be coated in an orange film.

I clean my shower twice a week, with Lysol Power Clean toilet cleaner, and I still can’t get all the rust chiselled off. It laughs at CLR.

If you boil pasta in my water, it turns black. I’m not exaggerating.

We don’t even brush our teeth with the well water.

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@Seek_Kolinahr You could try Iron Out. it’s made by Summit Brands. It works good on my shower.

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I’ve gone through bottles of the stuff. Smells awful. I use it as a laundry additive instead of bleach. Bleach just turns my clothes orange.

Doesn’t do a thing for the shower though.

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Wow, that is lousy water. Probably a sand filter wouldn’t help that. I don’t know what else would work.

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Excellent. The price: plenty of rain all year round.

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