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If Fluther was a vehicle, which would it be?

Asked by ucme (50047points) September 13th, 2013

Public transport, carrying the flow of internet traffic.
Aeroplane, winging our views across the globe.
Sports car, burning up the highway, born to be mild.
Broken down rust-bucket, well past it’s best but refuses to die.
Something else entirely.

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It’s a Disney cruise ship on acid.

and i wouldn’t have it any other way

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It is a yellow submarine, of course!

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A wheelchair van.

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A comfortable sedan.

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@Tropical_Willie Long hard & full of seamen.

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Good question by the way.

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A speedboat

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It’s a Camaro. A yellow Camaro that looks like Bumblebee.

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An orange submarine, of course.

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Long, hard & full of seam…err, jellies!

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A Greyhound bus painted in psychedelic colors. Stops anywhere there’s a hand up signaling. Goes anywhere you want to go.

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Ox cart Top photo shows the original Ben Finkel on the left holding the reins, probably in the early 1930’s.

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The original Fluthermobile driven by Andrew’s parents on a cross-country trip five years ago.

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A VW microbes with.a bunch of hippies and Josie inside.

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The Mystery Machine

^my answer before I looked at @syz.

So now I’ll go with The Magic School Bus

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Anything NASCAR no shit its always going left.

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One of these bro. It’s a ship, it fits with the site’s theme…it’s a Viking ship, where we go out to discover and learn…and then we just fuck shit up.

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A brightly colored, illuminous Zeppelin sailing round the world!

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A Volvo. It keeps running with minimal maintenance.

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An aquarium on wheels.

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Cheers folks, good stuff.
I think for some it’s rather like a bandwagon or gravy train, kinda like a truck full of sheep :D
For me, it’d be a three wheeled Robin Reliant, also known as a “plastic pig” because it’s quirky, cheap, but somehow adorable.

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An off road, 4w drive vehicle, built for endurance with great suspension to navigate all the various fluther terrain. Jump like a Willys in 4 wheel drive! Especially able to jump over stupid dream questions. lol

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Train handcar. Because without the give and take from eachother, we wouldn’t get anywhere.

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A hummer

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short bus

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a unicycle?

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A trolley.

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The Enterprise.

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I take back the Volvo. Today it is as slow as a moped.

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So it ain’t just me. Just wut da ell’s goin down, broskies?

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It was really slow yesterday. Seems okay again, today. :)

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A teleportation machine to a parallel universe.

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A double decker tour bus with lots of empty seats, and all the passengers wanting a new tour to go on (because they are tired of going in a big circle), and no place for people who want to ride to buy a ticket. The driver left, so the passengers take turns driving.

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Roller skates. Everyone gets a pair, cushion for your bum is optional.

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