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Does it annoy anyone else that some people can't close or lock bathroom or portapotty doors?

Asked by stevenb (3811points) June 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

Why can’t people close or lock stall doors at movie theaters, job sites, restaraunts, etc? It seems like every week I open at least one door that SHOULD be locked. Does this bug anyone else? I always close and lock the doors. Its not that hard! What do you think?

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It’s been years since this has happen to me.
But, yes they should be locking the doors. Maybe they just like you looking at them?

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What annoys me is people who don’t KNOCK. Whether it is locked or not knock first. Sometimes things don’t work properly in these places. And even when it is locked it freaks me out when im popping a squat and someone starts shaking the door or handle like they think it is empty. People should close and lock if they have that option though.

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Exactly. At least have the common courteousy to knock. Just to be on the safe side.

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That is annoying but what is even more annoying are the ones who walk out without washing their hands.

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I have been in many bathrooms where the lock was not working right. I have also gotten locked in with shoddy, overused locks.

I suspect most people intend to lock, but don’t do it right. Perhaps in a hurry?

My bathroom pet peeve is different. It pisses me off (pun intended) that women too hoity toity or afraid to sit on the seat in a public restroom will pee with their butts in the air, and thus get pee on the seat, but not have the common courtesy to wipe their pee off the seat!!!!!

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I always keep one foot on the door, because I fear a replay of the Dumb and Dumber stall scene.

find a happy place

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I knock if it is closed, but some people don’t even close the door. They stand and pee, and just don’t close the door. You can’t see feet, so I go in, and bang there they are. Should I knock if the doors open? Come on. Almost every one I have walked in on, the door works and would lock. People just won’t. Eeewe!!

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Yea, it is annoying when they do not lock the door. And I do knock, but a lot of the time it is the stalls and they will swing with the slightest touch thus open view of the person in it.

@Marina I second you on that. I absolutely HATE that.

The other thing I hate is Ladies if you are on the rag have the common curtsy NOT to let anyone else know about it. Flush your Bl@@dy tampons away or throw them away. Do not leave them in there for me to find. It is disgusting!

Also I have been in both boys and girls rooms (I am a girl for the record) to clean them. I have found that boys room aside from the smell of piss, are the cleaner of the public restroom genders. all the women’s bathrooms I have been in smell, have piss on the seats, unflushed feces, left behind tampons or pads, feces or urine on the floor, and everything is always freaking wet! I thought women were supposed to be the neater of the two genders. But no it is absolutely horrifying going into a women’s bathroom knowing you have to either use it or clean it.

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Its to keep you from spending long periods of time in said units.

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