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Can you link me to sites that focus on paranomal and/or spiritual questions?

Asked by talljasperman (21850points) September 14th, 2013

Some place that other members are already up to speed on the bizarre?

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@talljasperman like a new age forum. Can you suggest one?

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all sorts of wacky nonsense on there.
aliens, ufos, monsters, ghosts, psychic stuff, and aliens.

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This question was sent to me, so I’ll try to help you out. Personally I’m only into mediumship, afterlife issues, ghosts, telepathy and other esp, but a few of those sites are very technical and loaded with sceptical and nonsceptical scientists alike. Going by your past posts I think you would be eaten alive on those forums.

I recommend the paracast forums for someone like yourself, just looking for the ‘bizarre’. I don’t spend much time on there but it appears that UFO’s are the center of discussion on there, though other issues are discussed as well. There’s another good site for you I’ll link you to when I find it.

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If you’re looking metaphysical and/or spiritual, as well as paranormal, you might like to give Crystalinks a try.

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