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What are the requirements for being exempt from the "Obamacare" laws?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36153points) September 15th, 2013

As asked.

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Exemptions are permitted for religious reasons, members of health care sharing ministries, or for those for whom the least expensive policy would exceed 8% of their income. Affordable Care Act ( ObabmaCare ) will guide all medical insurance.
You can also move to a foreign country. ;>)

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or you can become a US politician, or join a powerful enough union.

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You might be interested in this @Mr_Paradox

What do unions have to do with health insurance? As far as I know, unions are formed to protect worker’s rights. The company the workers work for provide their insurance, not the unions. What am I missing?

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Thanks @Dutchess_III , that’s what I get for not verifying. The unions negotiated their way out. I don’t know the specifics though.

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I’ll ask. Maybe they’re referring to actual union employees….

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A lot of unions have what are called the “Cadillac plans”. These people will have more out of pocket expenses than other workers. So these people feel that Obama care isn’t as beneficial to them as someone who has little or no coverage.

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Well, that would be true, but nothing to cry about, IMO.

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@Dutchess_III Being forced to spend more money than you were before generally is something to cry about if what you were getting was satisfactory . Its only natural to not like spending more for the same thing. Like we all bitch and moan when we have to pay more suddenly for gas when it’s the same stuff as before.

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But I see it as helping others. I have no problem with that.

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