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Did he think he was throwing his beer?

Asked by cheebdragon (18680points) June 22nd, 2008

Here is the article that i found on my local news website-
” POMONA—Police arrested 14 people, including one man who was caught driving under the influence of alcohol with his child in the car, during a checkpoint Friday evening.
Officers set up a checkpoint in the area of Holt Avenue and Hershey Street at 10:20 p.m. when a man in a Chevrolet pickup came through.
He told officers he did not have a license and drove off quickly east on Holt, police said.
A young child was in the pickup. Officers located it parked in front of an apartment complex at 1302 E. Kingsley St.
The suspect grabbed his child and a beer bottle from the pickup and ran into the complex, police said.
The suspect threw the child at officers before he was caught, police said.
The chase ended in an apartment, where officers and the suspect struggled.
A man identified as Humberto Uribe-Lizarraga was arrested.
He was booked into Pomona City Jail on suspicion of driving under the influence, assault on a police officer and felony child endangerment. He was being held on $100,000 bail.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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Sadly children are often pawns when the parents have subsance abuse problems. The are used as shields, hostages and punching bags.

It is an inexcuseable tragedy.

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Did the assault charge stem from having a baby thrown at them or the struggle?

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It doesnt say, but i was wondering about that also…

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I hope that Child Protective Services was reading the paper.

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He knew what he was doing. Probably had a swig left in the bottle…priorities, my friends.

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The article didn’t mention if he had already dropped the bottle. He could have tossed it right away. I guess it makes it a better story if it is implied that he held onto the bottle and tossed the baby. He is still a prick either way.

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Wow, the old “Toss the baby at the cop escape plan” always works for me, Must not have been executed properly!

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Wow, google “man throws baby at police”. It is amazing how many articles there are for this type of strange behavior!! What a way to attempt to avoid being arrested.

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It doesnt even say if the cop caught the kid, just that he threw the kid at the cops….....I probably wouldn’t have caught the kid, I just wouldn’t expect that someone would be so stupid and throw a kid at me, I dont have “cat like reflexes”(sp)
Its a sad story, but thank god it happened when it did….......the baby gets to go somewhere that it won’t be thrown at people (hopefully), and maybe now Pomona’s stupid ass mayor will end her campaign against the police checkpoints every weekend.

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Doh.. I can’t read.

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He threw his child…? What has the world come to? You have to be pretty freaking drunk to throw your own kid at the cops. Like damn.

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you guys are forgetting…he had to throw the kid so he could escape and make it to the “high school pregnancy pact” girls for some freewheeling fun and games.

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Brings all new meaning to ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bath water’ quote.

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That is pretty crazy, I can not believe that someone would do such a thing..
Throwing a Child?

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