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Is it just an honest coincidence?

Asked by cheebdragon (17402points) September 15th, 2013 from iPhone

I’m not talking about a conspiracy or trying to start an argument. I just noticed that I haven’t seen anything on the news about the IRS or NSA, am I missing those segments or did they stop talking about it?

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I think it’s just that the mainstream media are focusing on Syria right now. I’m sure the IRS and NSA stories are still being published, just not on front pages.

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When it comes to media and government, I do not believe in coincidences.

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It’s no coincidence. The media will focus on what they want you to care about. They can create a major news storm over minor incidents or complately ignore major issues. They have morphed into making news rather than reporting it.

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~Ditto~ @Jaxk You made it easy for me by getting here first… :)

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The NSA and CIA engineered the crisis in Syria by contracting with Russia.

This was to call attention away from the wiretapping.

—no I am not a conspiracy buff. This is the truth.—

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The Syria thing is over shadowing everything.

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If they were already wiretapping, why didnt they see the shit happening in Syria sooner? That doesn’t make sense to me.

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They’ve told the news. If something new happens they’ll report it. It’s on to the next thing now. Syria.

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@Judi and @cheebdragon perhaps the News agencies is the Government and they decide where the next war should be—just kidding… :-)

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I noticed that just before the first Iraq war started that war movies all of the sudden became really popular again and wondered the same sort of thing @antimatter, if we were being prepped for something.

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