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What's your thoughts about abortion or human euthanasia?

Asked by antimatter (4414points) September 15th, 2013

I have a family member riddled with cancer and she had her lawyer applying for euthanasia and it was declaimed at great cost because it’s on grounds against human rights. She have have chosen to die. Is it not her right to do so?
I find it strange that abortion is acceptable to kill a baby.
But when a human suffering from cancer and asked to be euthanized it’s murder.
We euthanize our pets when they are suffering so why won’t the law allow us to do it with humans?

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I don’t think it’s any one’s business to decide for anyone else.

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It’s legal in Oregon.

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I believe in both being available solutions. It’s easier for me to have that opinion, since I am not a deist. I think everyone should should have those options.

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It should be legal to end someone’s life with their consent.
(that said, it should be illegal to euthanise pets, because they can not consent)

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Everyone is extra careful with death because it cannot be undone if it is caused by a clerical error. We get especially uptight with this when it was a person of capacity for decison making at one point, but now is not, because of dignity, etc. THey might have had wishes on how to live their final days.
A fetus and an animal have never legally had decision making capacity. They cannot express their wishes for their final moments, and as such a wholly subservient to their arbiters.
You’ll notice that certain groups do equate abortion with murder, and euthanasia of pets with murder.

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Ok by me.

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I think they should have the right to die. It is their life. I think we should all have the right to do as we wish with our life. Why should we suffer when there is a way out.

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I find it strange that abortion is acceptable to kill a baby.

A baby is not killed during an abortion, a fetus is. It’s not a baby until it’s viable and can survive outside of the woman’s body. The fetus is not a person, medically or legally, until it is surviving outside the woman’s body.

Nonetheless, I believe euthanasia should be a legal option, but it’s a tricky situation. On one hand, if a person gives consent in their right mind, it should be granted. However, when you’re lying in a hospital bed dying of cancer and perhaps in a lot of pain, are you in your right mind? Also, it should only be done when death is near and inevitable; we shouldn’t be killing people that simply don’t have it in them to take their own lives. I think it could be a pre-determined thing, similar to a DNR. If we can decide that we don’t want to be brought back to life, we can decide that we want to be put out of our misery if we’re ever in a situation like this. There are issues with that as well, though. Human rights can be a tricky thing.

@ragingloli So we should allow our pets to be in pain, riddled with cancer, shitting on themselves, unable to move until they die naturally? I sincerely hope you don’t have pets. Animals can’t give consent only because they cannot talk to us – that doesn’t mean they deserve to suffer a slow, painful death.

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Ever heard of things called ‘painkillers’ and ‘diapers’? I heard they invented those many moons ago. There are even prosthetic wheels for pets.
But hey, I guess they are not worth the expense since they are only animals, right?
I certainly would not want to be your pet. You would almost certainly murder me at the first sign of illness.

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@ragingloli Painkillers won’t touch late-stage cancer pain. Diapers and prosthetic wheels on a pet with no bladder/bowl control due to systems shutting down is not helping them. Keeping them alive when they’re clearly suffering simply because they cannot communicate with us is torture, not animal rights. How about mercy? Seriously, have you ever even seen a dying animal before? As if they’d actually want to live that way.

I’d do anything I could to keep from putting my pet down, but not even $1 million will cure cancer.

“You would almost certainly murder me at the first sign of illness.”

You sure do have me pegged.~ I believe I said “when death is near and inevitable.” Oh, and trying to turn me into a bad guy with comments like that is a really weak way to argue your point.

You’re clearly one of those people that would keep a suffering animal alive just because you didn’t want it to die. Their inability to give consent does not give us the right to let them suffer for our own benefit. It’s up to us to make the best decision, even if it’s a difficult one.

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As it stands, right now, it’s none of my fucking business.

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You know I feel it should be a persons right to choose if they are terminal with a very painful thing like cancer. I am sorry to say that someone I dated and loved died a very painful death with cancer and the painkillers only did so much to help. All he wanted to do is just die since his existance was just painful. He was unable to stand or do anything without possiblility of breaking bones since not only the cancer was in his lungs, liver, stomach but it was in his bones and brain as well. The type of cancer he had was the only one that could go bewteen bone and soft tissue and it never matasitsizes so yo die from the effect from not being able to breath because the tumors take up the space in the lungs. Letting someone die with dignity is something I think should be allowed in all 50 states.

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I’m not really sure why you brought abortion into it. They are totally different things and it makes me think your intentions aren’t what you present them to be.

But Physician assisted suicide is legal in Oregon. I have voted for it twice.

Some stats on Oregon’s use of our legal right.

1994–2011.. 935 people have requested the drugs. So about 55 per year out of a few million people that live here. 596 have actually taken the drugs as of 2011. So about 35 people a year that use the law to off them-self. We did have 639 conventional suicides in 2011 alone.

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I agree that it should be a right to choose the time, place and method of your own death. How much more personal can a thing be?
As for the abortion portion of the question, I saw something the other day that summarizes my feelings on that. It read: “Being Pro-Choice does not mean I am Pro-Abortion; It just means I realize it is none of my damn business.”
On the pet question, I made a choice to live with him/her and that includes making the hard choices as well as the easy ones. For those who say that pets cannot make their wishes known, I would say that If you have ever had to stare into the glazed eyes of someone who has been with you their entire life and look past the pain and suffering they are going through, you would see the twin messages; Please? and Thank you.

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It would set a bad precedent as you’ve got to ask yourself, where would it end? Would we euthanize older folks or start with the mentally ill, and what of the handicapped? We’re doing the same thing with abortion! Oh, the baby has down syndrome, lets terminate! I wanted a boy, lets terminate! This whole thing sickens me. People should always be given every opportunity to live. I have friends and relatives with cancer and it’s a rough road, but they fight it.

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This question and the way it was worded seemed like fishing for a fight. How many times has this been rehashed on this site and oodles of others over and over and over again? Why would anyone ask this question except to see some fights between people on both extremes of the fence on the issue?

I love killing old people, babies and pets. Sounds like a good weekend to me.

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@keobooks Excellent observation. It seems that if you’re right, I fell for it.

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@keobooks wins the internet today.

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My thoughts?

Women should have the right to choose. Always!! I don’t give a shit what her reason is. It’s her body and her life. Nobody has the right to tell her what she can and can’t do.

Dr. Kevorchian should have been given a humanitarian award, not a prison sentence. Why shouldn’t we be able to choose whether we live or die?

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I agree that euthenasia should be allowed, but I also feel like they are adults making educated decisions. Abortion is terminating a child’s life without their informed consent, so I’m against that.

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Completely support both choices. I am a firm believer that we are in charge of our own destiny and our bodies, our choices. I will add though that in the case of abortion, while I do believe life begins conception, I do not support abortion beyond the 1st 8–9 weeks. I think the morning after pill is the preferential choice if at all possible and every woman should have these on hand in case she is in doubt.

I also fully support euthanasia and a persons right to die. I also feel that this choice should not be limited to only terminal illness. If one wishes to check out, that is their right, and I do feel the choice to die can be a conscious decision and not always a symptom of depression or mental health issues. I decided long ago that I reserve the right to determine when or if, I choose to end my life for whatever reasons I find intolerable.

My ego is in check enough that I do not feel my human organism is any more or less special than any other organism on the planet, but unlike an animal I can make the choice to exit of my own free will.

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@Coloma, I lurve you. :-)

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^^^ Awww…well you too Judi…we are a couple of girls cut from the same cloth it seems. :-)

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Yep. A couple of old hippies on the cusp between the hippie generation and the gen Xers.

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@Judi A dying breed, literally and figuratively. lol

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I am opposed to euthanasia, that is someone declaring another should die. That is different from taking off life support for someone who is in a vegetative state.

Physician assisted suicide is different from euthanasia, and should be okay.

And abortion is the decision of the woman who is carrying the fetus.

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I don’t like abortion on a personal level but I believe in a woman’s right to choose. if someone is terminally ill and of sound mind and they feel that euthanasia is right for them who am I to tell them no?

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@antimatter If this was my relative, I’d make sure lots of pain & anxiety meds were available and od them to end their suffering.

If hospitals didn’t charge thousands per day a terminal patient was in for simply palliative care, we wouldn’t be in this position. My vet says fatal dose of anesthesia is all they use.

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Sadly @KNOWITALL it will be premeditated murder or that’s what the lawyer said.

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If nobody has seen the excellent documentary ” The right to die in Oregon” it is a must watch. So moving and if, after seeing it, you still disagree with assisted euthanasia…well….you’re a cruel and ignorant f—k!

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@KNOWITALL unfortunately, what @antimatter said is true. You don’t have the right to kill anybody.

Unless you are the government.

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Or george zimmerman

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@Coloma Although I haven’t seen this documentary. I can imagine how interesting and moving it is. I do believe in the right to die. It is nice to know it is finally beginning to happen in some parts of the world.

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I support both.

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Both are selfish for different reasons. Euthanasia is selfish for a slightly (and only slightly) better reason that the person is tired of suffering, but since I believe their life is not theirs to take even if it is internal selfishness, it is wrong. Abortion is just flat out wrong; it is selfishness in the umph degree. People trying to block a person from taking their own life do so because they want the person’s presence in their life, the suffering they are going through notwithstanding. Those who have an abortion are selfish against everyone else for themselves; the kid will be in the way of their plans. They are not thinking of the grandparents, often not the father and certainly not the child they are bumping off.Surely that thought will sour some….oh well

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I think this is pretty much direct and to the point re: euthanasia. No One Should Have The Right To Die Until God Is Done Toying With Them

While this video New Law Requires Women To Name Baby, Paint Nursery Before Getting Abortion pretty clearly points out the absurdity of various laws enacted to obstruct womens reproductive rights.

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I am against abortion as a form of birth control, but in cases of rape, incest, or the mothers health I am 100000000% for it, and for those that have a problem with that.(FUCK OFF)

AS for euthanasia I am for it as long as the person has a painful terminal illness, and it’s 100000% their wish,and their wish only, I can see it has a great chance at being abused by greedy family members that want their inheritance early and don’t want to wait for mom or dad to go naturally .

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