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Are you serious about social media?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34210points) September 16th, 2013

I spend about 30 minutes on average each day on social media, specifically Facebook. (I rarely use Google+. I do not have accounts on Twitter or Tumblr.) I sort of stumbled into the job of web master for the community theatre group I’m active with. Facebook is an important tool we use to reach people interested in our activities.

I post little about my daily activities. I confine my personal use to making points about items of major importance to me, like marriage equality. I do also pass along funny items that are truly humorous and very occasionally just silly.

I’m curious. What do you use social media for? Is it a serious tool for attracting attention to a cause you find worthy? Is it for the minutia of your daily activities?

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I do not use social media.

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I use it as a clearing house for adorable pictures of my daughter and funny stuff I see in the street.

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Billions of people are now daily using Social Media channels for meeting people and friends. I am also one of them who uses social media for marketing as well. On facebook you can see at sidebar about new product ads. So, we can use it for great popularity as well for our business.

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I think now days social media is good for everyone. Its not only increase our knowledge but it also help us to interact with other person. Social media is not only fun & entertainment, there are professional sites also like LinkdIn, which help us to build a good relation with a professional team & may be they will be helps you for your achieving target.

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Wouldn’t touch face-yukk with a barge pole, but I have a twitter account.
That’s primarily to chat & have a laugh with famous folks I like, mostly sports stars & comedians.
Makes ya tummy tickle when they retweet something you’ve said, so long as it’s not in a sad, starstruck, stalkerish way.

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I have a fairly comprehensive social media program for my work. I spend too much time on it.

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My first social network experiences were from the early days of the iPhone, so we all had that one thing in common and I became friends with several, have met over 30 of them face-to-face, and am engaged to one of them. I use the larger social network sites (FB, G+) to keep in touch with those people, as the original sites have folded or been sold out. I also use them to keep in touch with other friends and family around the world.

Now that more commercial interests and causes have taken to the social sites, I follow the local farmers and restaurants we like, as well as local government and news outlets to stay on top of happenings in our local area. I recently added a bunch of sites and joined groups relating to my rheumatoid arthritis, to stay informed about that condition and to learn from others about their experiences. I also follow some larger enterprises, retailers, and some entertainers. In addition, I have professional contacts, companies and organizations relating to my vocation that I follow.

I don’t often post content to these sites, I mostly follow what is happening with others. I often hear of breaking news via FB feeds, and will then look for additional information if interested.

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Facebook is my main source of contact with far-flung friends. It has the benefit of being free, visual, and unconcerned with time zones.

I use twitter and Google+ just for special occasions, like when The Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait did a live Google+ Hangout when that asteroid passed several months ago.

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I just use email. I’m not that interesting and neither are you.

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I don’t have a Facebook account. Fluther is the only place I socialise.

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I use Pinterest to advertise my stores and get ideas for products.

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I use Facebook to quickly catch up with old friends activities. I can see pictures, or read their posts, and not have to actually talk to any of them.
I also have played a little Words With Friends, but that has mostly dropped off, mostly.

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I use it to post positive big events in my life; I don’t get too personal in what I reveal or post the sad times. I only go in a few times a week and often think of quitting.

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@janbb Quit facebook and go to Pinterest. That’s what I did. Less drama. :)

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@DWW25921 I did join Pinterest but don’t really get it. Why should I care about things that other people find on the Internet and post? It seems ridiculously self-referential to me.

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Mostly it’s a vast, empty wasteland. I have found it interesting being connected to my first cousins and distant family

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I quit facebook almost 2 years ago. I never really used my Twitter, Pintrest, Google+, or Tumblr accounts. I guess my answer would have to be no.

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These days I use it mostly for reading what other people have to say. I rarely watch the news so I find a lot of important information posted on my newsfeed from news stories to local news videos.

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I have a fb account which I rarely used (mainly to irritate my son and his irrational beliefs) until some of my cousins and I got together and started researching our family history.

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I use google plus and twitter heavily for my astronomy work.

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Fluther is the closest I’ve gotten to a social network.

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I use it to keep up with family and friends, and sometimes I take breaks, it’s okay but not a lot of fun, more just for information.

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I use Facebook quite a bit to stay in touch with friends. It started when a very popular guy from high school days got very sick and was awaiting a transplant; it became a community conversation. And about six months after he passed away, another friend was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, and Facebook again became a way of connecting a community of supporters. As a has become pretty ingrained in my daily life.

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@janbb It’s not for everyone but it works for me! :)

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I LOVE Pinterest. But I don’t really think of it as social media. There’s not enough interaction for that.

I share stuff in spurts on Facebook. Sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it’s interesting and sometimes it’s just an update on life. Oh, and stuff about my kids. Family and friends don’t mind the mom-bragging, haha.

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I think that the Web is a great place for personal communication. I spend a lot of time on Fluther and have been on other Q&A sites. I took an online course on Udacity and participated in class student forums. I have a math education Web site and occasionally receive correspondence related to it.

I do not like the idea of setting up a Facebook account. There is something distasteful about putting myself out there for all to see.

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I have several different accounts and use them for whatever the moment calls for.

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