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Mia wants to know if you have any tips on poetry?

Asked by readergirl119 (62points) June 22nd, 2008

I am only in 5th grade, but I love writing poetry and I was wondering if you had any tips on writing poetry. Every time I write a new one, I’ll post it and you could send comments on that. I would appreciate it if you could give me some tips. Thanx!

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Write from the heart.

Think carefully about the words you use.

Poetry is about expressing a thought, a feeling or an observation about our world through the beauty of words.

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I really like to write villanelles. Originally i tended to hate having to rhyme and keep meter, but this form, being the most structured type of poetry, sets easy guidelines that make it simple and fun. Here’s the one I wrote using the villanelle form:

The Writer

As life doth grow and bloom before my sight,
a chilling wind is felt within it’s wake.
Creation stirs inside the depth of night.

A form takes shape and moves through abstruse light,
the feeling chills my bones and I do quake,
as life doth grow and bloom before my sight.

Two eyes; they peer and search, their interest bright,
as though in pools sink details that they take.
Creation stirs inside the depth of night.

But now some glow is shed; a beast, a fright.
Dark, matted fur, and razor claws to rake,
as life doth grow and bloom before my sight.

A fear takes hold, so tight my mind will break.
Creation stirs inside the depth of night.

This is too much; I scratch-out, then re-write,
for fear, the consequences I should make.
As life doth grow and bloom before my sight,
Creation stirs inside the depth of night.

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Poetry is really open. In the 5th grade you can kinda do what you want with it. You can do that at 60 too. I have read so many different types and formats that are considered poetry. Go with your gut and I am sure you will write some amazing stuff.

P.S. If you plan on each poem being a question here please don’t. Maybe once a week would be cool. But if you are posting ten poems per days people will start to get irritated.

Happy writing.

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Poems do not have to rhyme. Repeat one-hundred times.

A poem is the literary expression of emotion. Dictate your feelings, and tell the truth; even if it is about something you only imagined.

Remember, too, that not everyone will like it. But also remember that not everyone is creative, and awesome, and cool as you are.

Let it fly!

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Don’t try to write or make it look right. Just sit there and start writing. Learn to open your mind, and just write what comes to mind don’t think about it so hard. Good Luck!

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maybe you could just post all the poems you write in this question itself? people who are following the question will be able to criticize it for you. that way we won’t have bazillion questions about it like jp mentioned. my advice is that just have fun with it ! and even if you are having writer’s block, just keep writing anyway! doesn’t matter if its not good, the more you do it, the better your poems will become. good luck :)

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I think that’s really great advice from all of you! I really appreciate it and will totally use those tips when I write!
johnpowell: I write a good poem once a month!!!
Foolaholic: I loved that poem! It’s amazing! Did you write it?

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Just let it flow, and reading Baudelaire from time to time helps to make your ideas flow :)

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BTW: I’m not really in 5th grade.

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