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Google Adsense?

Asked by allengreen (1618points) June 22nd, 2008

Do you know anyone making money with Adsense? Please share the sites…...

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Adsense is being used by millions of sites and given the billions Google rakes in, there obviously is money being made. I know of a few people that make a fair amount of coin from Adsense. Pick any random site that uses Adsense and they make at least some amount of money, no real need to solicit people to shill their site.

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If you have traffic, you will make money with AdSense.

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fluther…or at least I hope they make something from them.

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My mom’s site (she’s been written up in a few magazines and featured on The Today Show). When she started she would call me and was so happy she made 55 cents that day! Now, a few years later, she has an income and can pay her mortgage and bills! Pretty amazing. I just got paid my first $100 from Google for my website which has been going for over a year (I haven’t done much with it since selling my business and having a baby).

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thank you all

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@AG: hope it helped and see this.

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