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My imagination or have there been lots of new jellies joining the Fluther lately?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21750points) September 17th, 2013

There seems to be an influx of newbies, right or has it always been like this?

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People “come and go
Talking of Michelangelo.”

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measuring out their lives in coffee spoons as well.

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Someone’s been talkin’, Boss. (mock Italian gangsta voice)

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I get those moments every once in a while when I think there’s a Fluther Jelly-boom. It’s probably nothing.

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Yes, it seems to be one of the periodic booms.

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The real question is…are they in the 50% of the population that is of below average intelligence? haha

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I’ve wondered if a few of the newbs are actually newbs. And so it goes.

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Most of those newbies will be whacked off by the time I finish this sentence.

Hint, most are spammers…....keep it to yourself.

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Haha @Hypocrisy_Central said “whacked off”

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I don’t know about the numbers of recent joiners, but we do have a new troll in our midst. Yay us!

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Who’s that tripping over our bridge? Pffft!

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