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Free PHP Web Server for Dreamweaver?

Asked by crazychick (41points) June 22nd, 2008

I’m trying to learn PHP and have Dreamweaver. Does anyone know where I can get my little hands on a free testing server I can run locally on my machine so I can see if my code works.

And if it’s not too much trouble, how I go about setting it up with Dreamweaver. I really haven’t a clue and Google hates me…

Any other advice would be appreciated as well.

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This is probably your best bet for getting PHP, Apache, and MySQL running easily.

It works well on most operating systems.

I can’t help with Dreamweaver since I haven’t touched it in years.

edit :: I should add that xampp runs on your computer. No need for a external server. It is great for testing.

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I haven’t used it but I have heard some good reports from people on johnpowells suggestion.
What do you use in place of dreamweaver John?

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TextMate and CSSEdit to write code.

I have full installs of all the server stuff on my Mac now. But I did use xampp for about a year when I was on Windows.

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MAMP for Mac XAMPP for PC

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Sorry to be a pain but does anyone know where I’d find a step by step on setting it up with dreamweaver so I can test code. Or would one of you be able to tell me?

Thanks so far btw. I’m windows.

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I am on a Mac and I am lazy. Hopefully these screen shots can help. It should work about the same. Except the path to HTDOCS will be different. This is with MAMP on OS X.
That is a sample PHP file that outputs “uhhh”
That is under Site—> Manage Sites
Your “Testing server folder” will have to be different. It will be the path to htdoc.
How to see it in your browser.

I wish I was on a Windows machine right now to help more. That is how I did it on a Mac. And that is with the Mac version off xammp.

Just make sure you put everything in your htdocs folder. If they aren’t they will not get put through the PHP processor and you will just just get out all the code.

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I should add that doing this will allow you to pick your browser.

That is what happens if you click on the Globe icon.

And now I remember why I stopped using Dreamweaver.

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