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How do you secure your bicycle?

Asked by mcbealer (10198points) June 22nd, 2008

I have just gotten back to riding after a decade long hiatus. I ride to get to/fro work right now, but would like to start riding to do errands, the movie theatre, etc. I remember hearing about the Kryptonite gaffe, and wonder if it’s too late to get my old U-lock replaced. As an alternative, I would like to know what other flutherites use to secure their bikes.

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This may sound extreme and a little unorthodox, but I use a lock and chain.

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@ beast~ could you retry the link, please?

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Something in the URL wasn’t working. Just Google search, “bike lock” and it’s the eigth one.

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I use a kryptonite U-lock to lock the frame and front wheel to something secure, and then use a cable lock to lock up the rear wheel and loop that through the frame and front wheel as well.

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@ brownlemur ~ do you have one of the newer kryptonite U-locks or an old one?

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It’s newer, purchased within the last 12 months.

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i just buy second-hand one,

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I use a Kryptonite U-Lock that ran about $50. I always make sure I can get it through my front wheel and frame. Also works well as protection while riding!

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I just have my own personal ninja to run behind me whilst I’m on the bike, and stand guard when I’m in a store or sumthin.

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I use a garage door.

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Same as others on here: a Kryptonite U-Lock.

Although… I just sold my Gary Fisher MTB and got a new Trek hardtail and the connector for the U-Lock doesn’t fit the frame. I was actually thinking of going to the local bike shop today to get one that fits.

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i do exactly what brownlemur does. also depending on where you live and how your seat is currently set up, you might want to switch it to a regular bolt instead of a quick release. (although mine STILL got stolen recently in a not so great area of SF, lots of homeless walk around with tools!) same for the wheels if you don’t plan on needing to take them off. the rear wheel is more expensive to replace because of all the chain rings. learned that the hard way!!

@knot: I’ve heard that the #1 place bikes get stolen is the garage so you may want to lock it in there too.

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Homeless with tools.

Oh my…

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yeah i’ve even caught them in the act. not on my bike but other people’s. for those of you in the bay area reading this…. if your bike gets stolen, go to all of the places the homeless hang out and all of the flea markets and you can usually get it back. i know at least 3 people who have gotten their bike back doing this.
civic center area and laney college flea market were the hot spots but there are others.
my friend in chicago told me that in chicago it is the messengers who steal bike stuff. that made me really sad. bike people should not steal from bike people!!!!

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Yeah, not to be self-righteous or anything but I could never steal a bike…those bastards!

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for real. but i would reclaim an abandoned bike!

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what about the Kryptonite gaffe? Aren’t you guys who use the older Kryptonite U-Locks worried they’ll get hacked?

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I don’t use the old one. You should contact them and find out if they still do the swap out…......

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