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How would you better yourself?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) June 22nd, 2008

Is there something in your life that you would change to make yourself a better person? If so, what would you do?

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I would try and be less bitter. Hold fewer grudges. Let go of more anger.

I have a problem with that.

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Be more motivated in general to do things.
If I did have higher motivational levels, I would get so much more done in my life. I’m probably gonna do dreadful in my A Levels, because I couldn’t be bothered to revise. I’ve lost my physical form over the last year because I quit sport then I didn’t have the motivation to get back into it.
I sometimes think I must be a little mental. I sometimes go to sleep really wanting to change myself, but then when I wake up in the morning I usually think “How stupid Joe, you’re not gonna change yourself!” and so I don’t.
Sad life really when you don’t have the drive to change the fact you have no drive!

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Spend less time on the internets, stop trying to find advice from other people

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Let go of fear an experience life more fully.

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stop and give a few times of free time to analyze myself and existence . Love people with unconditional love. Forgive more. Set time with God as most important thing in my life.

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Actually doing things instead of just thinking/talking about them…....I have a terrible habit of being all talk and no pants.

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No pants? That hardly sounds like a problem that needs fixing.

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Lose weight

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People could sit next to me on airplanes…..see around me during a sunset….my car’s suspension would spring back….there’d be more food for the rest of the world….they could clothe the naked…ah the list goes on and on

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hahaha….I guess the correct term is all talk and no trousers

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I’d write a book, full of power, meaning, and risqué jokes. Hopefully publish it as well, and gain a bit ‘o coin.
Then I’ll work on my potty-mouth. I figure I’ll need it during the creative process…

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I’ve been chasing my wildest dreams since I remember, and sometimes I wake up and think “Is this right? shouldn’t I be more relaxed and take a break and enjoy the simple things instead of being driven by meaningless stuff?” I dunno, maybe one day I’ll take a break, maybe…

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Stop smoking.. And I would wait until noon to start drinking.

edit :: and waiting until noon doesn’t mean that I would sleep until noon.

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Hmmm maybe I could try eating.

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Focus on a few goals & act on them.

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@Melonking: pie???
Read more, learn how to be a better cook and do it more frequently, regain my patience that I lost when having children and perhaps go back to school and further my education.

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Stop procrastinating so much, and get the things I want done done. I am horrible at getting things done, and it isn’t even the small things its the big things too. Like the things I really care about. My life is in constant hussle and bussle because everything is done at the last minute. And then I complain about it later knowing it is my fault.

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Less fluther, more workout.

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Let go of alot of my anger and maybe be more curtious. Also be more faithful to my religion. I agree with Marina to let go of all my fears and experience life fully.

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Eat better and exercise. But it’s easier not to. (I say as I sit at my computer drinking energy drinks and eating skittles)

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eat better, exercise, only say yes when I really mean it, and try to relax more.

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i think i am overly sensitive, but simultaneously don’t convey much emotion publicly. it’s weird. i’m not sure if i’m just over-thinking it (well, i am definitely the first one), but sometimes i feel like i do the second one too…

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I’m trying really hard lately to find the answer to this question.

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by finding a better way to secure my things
by finding a job that suites me and me only
by finding trustworthy and loyal freinds
by living by myself, away fro everyone against me
by folliwing my beliefs
by building myself up everyday
by listening to positive people
by having what I need and want

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I’m working on my laziness. That’s a big problem for me. And with that, comes procrastination too. I just need to come to the day where i decide that NO MORE SHALL IT BE THIS WAY! So, i’m waiting for that day. It is coming.

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I would be braver.
I would be more confident in myself and my abilities.
I would be myself, completely, 100%

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A lobotomy would do just fine. Those memories of the past. That frigin subconscious
always gets in the way.

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I’m always trying to find my potential, I am always trying to be more confident and I don’t like being weak when some one tries to take advantage of me. but that will change…

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I just recently started making a list of things to accomplish. I have three categories, “Things to better myself”, “Things for the Planet”, and “Things for others”. Some of the accomplishments are simple for example, “Start eating better”, or “Start using green bags when shopping”. It is a list full of things I have either been meaning to do for myself or wanting to do for others. I decided I needed to stop putting things off so much. So far its going ok I have marked two things off the list so far. Some of the things are going to be a bit harder to tackle such as, “Stop procrastinating”, but I am confident now that this stuff is written down I will have a better time accomplishing it.

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