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What is this method of searching for flights called and do any sites still offer it?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5648points) September 19th, 2013

My boss told me that he once got a cheap ticket to Italy the next day by typing in the date and selecting the destination after the fact based on price and desirability. (Similar to just going to the airport and choosing a departing flight, I guess.)

I’ve always wanted to do something spontaneous like this but can’t find any sites that offer it. Does anyone know any that still do? Have you tried it?

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Expedia does advertise last minute deals. They just list the ones they want as I understand. (click “flights”)

This isn’t exactly as described because it doesn’t rely on a specific date, but kayak has a great tool.

Basically it detects where you are and presents prices around the world. You can narrow by date but I don’t see a way to get “last minute” only.

JLeslie's avatar does. Also, if you go to your airline of choice website and select flexible dates they will give you price differences over the next 3–7 days depending on the airline. I now Delta and Southwest have that function, not all airline sites do. Generally, flights are more expensive last minute. Much more. Planning ahead is key. As opposed to cruises which are super cheap last minute.

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