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It's Taco TUESDAY, right?

Asked by Blondesjon (33994points) September 19th, 2013

When an establishment that sells food has a day where the highlight is generously priced tacos that day must be Tuesday.

Taco Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are alliteratively unable to uphold this most revered of food specials, right?

only agradable taco enthusiasts please

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I don’t see anything wrong with Taco Thursdays if you ask me.

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I don’t want any more pink slime, or refried beans.

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It was Taco Thursday Chez janbb tonight.

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Friday is taken.

fish fry

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It’s fish cake friday over here…just.

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When I lived in Washington there was this place right down the road from our duplex. It was a restaurant by day, and a skeezey bar by night.
They had a taco Tuesday that all the bikers within a 50 mile radius seemed to show up to every week.
So, yes. Taco Tuesday sounds best.

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More like taco everyday

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Dude. I don’t care what you’re serving… it’s Thursday. THURSDAY.

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Yes, there are several mexican places around here that have Taco Tuesdays. The tacos arn;t that great but the Coronas make them better. lol

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Alliteration is not required, either, as proved by Hot Dog Wednesday.

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I vote Taco Tuesday. Of course living in San Diego, I could skip out on Taco Tuesday for months at a time because hell, everyday is like Taco Tuesday over here.

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@pleiades I used to live in S.D. too.
Oh man..I lived across the street from an all night ” Robertos.” Many a 2–3 a.m. after party foray for mexican food. lol
Robertos, Humbertos, Adelbertos, Jilbertos…to infinity and beyond. Damn, now I want some tacquitos. haha

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