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"Yey France!" What piece of news in the last 2 days or so is causing this response?

Asked by flo (11600points) September 19th, 2013

“Thank you, finally.” “Yey France” I don’t have a clue in what field it is in so I can google it. I just overheard it.

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Yes.. France sided with the USA for attacking Syria.

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They finally returned the artifacts they stole from Korea?

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@talljasperman I don’t think that these people were referring to that.although it is not impossible.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I really doubt that, it is not worldwide enough of an item.

@Judi No that is not news.

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Neocon trash going overnight from calling the French “cheese eating surrender monkeys” to supporters of freedom because they are backing president Cornball’s Syria assault.

Hopefully Putin makes fools out of them too.

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They decided to outlaw childrens beauty pageants. Seriosuly.

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As much as it galls me to admit it, France was right to not side with us in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and if they do side with us now in an invasion of Syria (or whatever “message” we attempt to send via munitions) then they’ll be as wrong as we were in 2003, and as wrong as the White House wants to make us now and again, ten years later.

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Or maybe it is because of this

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@ragingloli, holy crap! That scares me!

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What part?
The shirt, the fact that someone is being put on trial over a shirt, the gross violation of free speech, or the fact that americans cheer on this free speech violation?
By the way, she was convicted to a 2000€ fine.

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All of it. That a mother would put that on their child’s shirt was what scared me though. I am not a citizen of France so I’m not familiar with their free speech laws. In America I would probably defend the right to say it but the sentiment is pretty revolting.

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“The shirt, the fact that someone is being put on trial over a shirt, the gross violation of free speech,...”
There are limits to the fist amendment. Something about not yelling fire is one example is it not? This T- short story is a perfect example of something even bigger than yelling fire.

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No it is not.

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@ragingloli so I’ll take that to mean that you can’t argue my point.

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You have no point.

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@ragingloli Just show that I have no point. I dare you. You woud have.

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You really need to have the blatantly obvious spelled out to you?
Now, I am going to type this really slowly, so you can understand.
Why is yelling “fire” in a cinema not allowed? Because it could create immediate (I am putting that in bold because it is important) panic that could lead to immediate injury to people in the crowd, due to the ensuing stampede.
Does that t-shirt create an immediate panic? No, it does not.
Does that t-shirt create an immediate scratch that, ANY risk whatsoever of injury among bystanders? cuntingwell bastarding NO. Not in the least.

The most that you could compare this t-shirt to, are holocaust denial, anti-semitic jokes, cripple jokes, racist jokes, or making fun of pearl harbour (which was bloody hilarious, btw.)

SO, calling that t-shirt “worse than shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded cinema”, is asinine, and only serves to showcase how far the propaganda has already infected you.

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@ragingloli Wrong, wrong wrong. The child is being abused, any crazy enough person can harm/kill the child, because of it, never mind it is cowardly of the mother she is not the one wearing it. It is meant to threaten to terrorize not just one person but to the community/population. It is worse than one person saying to another “I’ll killl you” The first amemdment is not your side.
The child should be taken away from her by Child Protection Serveces, whatever they call them there.

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Wrong again on all counts.(surprise)
Putting a t-shirt on a kid is not abuse, and if the kid gets harmed, the assaulter is at fault, not the shirt. Might as well accuse someone of child abuse for giving his son a pink shirt, because some fundie nutter might think he is gay and kill him.
It was not meant to “terrorise and threaten the community”, because “je suis la bombe” means “i am the best” in french, and the boy was indeed born on 11.9., and the mother simply did not think far ahead enough. Just like the website penisland .com (meant as pen-island).

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By the way I wasn’t comparing it to the “yelling fire” example I was citing that as an example of some of the limits. Actually I wrote that it is even bigger than yelling fire.

Naming the child “Jihad”
Making him wear a T-shirt with the words:
“Sept. 11”,
“I’m a bomb”
in a western country,
is an innocent thing.
Is this something I’m supposed to buy?

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