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Do you have a favorite television show that was cancelled prematurely?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) June 22nd, 2008

Does anyone remember Freaks and Geeks or My So Called Life? I loved those shows. They were both canceled after a first season (if they even made it that long). :-(

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This year it was “Journeyman.” I think that the writer’s strike really hurt it. It never had great ratings, but it had a good cast and terrific writing. Very original.
A couple of years ago I was sorry to see “Firefly” get cancelled. That was Joss Whedon’s best show. Much better than “Buffy”, in my opinion. By far the best Sci-fi Western out there.

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Was Journeymen the one that started off with a bombing and then two guys being on the run because the third friend set them up (or something like that)??? If that was it, I liked that show also.

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FIREFLY! That show was awesome, my favorite sci-fi show by far.

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No. “Journeyman” was set in San Francisco and starred Kevin McKidd (from HBO’s Rome) as a man who jumped around SF through different times (the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc.). Kind of like “Quantum Leap” but more intelligent.

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@AstroChuck You can come watch TV with me any time. Two very excellent shows that I was ever so sad to see canceled. Firefly really never got a chance.

I was sorry they canceled Crossing Jordan without wrapping up the story lines after all those years.

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I’d have to say Dead Like Me. I loved that show. ;(

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Most Americans probably hadn’t heard of it but they dead a season’s worth of shows based on Douglas Coupland’s book jPod on CBC. It totally got yanked off the air but now they’re playing reruns of it! Go figure.

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The old MTV animated series Clone High. It was a really funny show, but they had to close up shop after season one because India was starting to get really annoyed and the mistreatment of Gandhi’s image.

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Daria on MTV! Man, I miss that show.

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@crunchaweezy I found that way after it went off the air and loved it.

Oh, and I forgot my all time favorite: The Tick starring Patrick Warburton. Screamingly funny show that required a change of undies.

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Another vote for Firefly. :(

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DEFINITELY Clone High. Amazing.
Also, Arrested Development!!!!!
And Family Guy the first time.

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Douglas Coupland TV show? How did I miss this? Firefly was great (loved the movie too), but not better than Buffy.

My answer is, My So Called LIfe. What happened with Angela and Brian? Ahh…back when Jared Leto was hot.

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Don’t know if anyone remembers Kindred: The Embraced, but when I was younger, it was on for only a little while. Now I hear they show it on the Sci-Fi channel every once in a while.

And I agree with ezraglenn: Family Guy should have never been taken off the first time.

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I never got the whole “Family Guy” thing. Give me “The Simpsons”, “King of the Hill”, and “Futurama” any day.
Oh, and “American Dad” is the worst!

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@ Astrochuck: I’m a Simpsons fan through and through, but I never really got into King of the Hill. Futurama was also cut short in my opinion.
And yes, American Dad is one of the worst shows ever.

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Twin Peaks

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Invader Zim.

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Freaks and Geeks was awsome! Years ago Farris Bueller was a TV show. It was on the same season as Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. Parker smoked it in the ratings and it was cancelled, but I think it was a better show. There were only six episodes.

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I agree with syz… Firefly

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Yes. Ed on NBC.

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I liked October Road even though it was cheesy. Now I’ll never know who that kids real father is…

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Another vote for Firefly here!

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One more show to add to Journeyman and Firefly. There was a show a few years back on UPN called Nowhere Man. It starred Bruce Greenwood as a man who had his identity taken away. It reminded me a bit of The Prisoner. It only lasted one season then was replaced in it’s timeslot by The Sentinal, which sucked.

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TV Funhouse, Drinky Crow, Freaks and Geeks, Wonder Showzen, The Amazing Screw On Head, Freakazoid, Daria, The Screen Savers, TechTV in general

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Max Headroom had its moments, as well.

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God, they keep popping into my head! Police Squad! was slap nuts funny! How in the hell could I forget that?

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Misfits of Science, 1985. Featuring a virtually unknown Courteney Cox.

“Misfits, Misfits of Science, hey, hey, those wild and crazy scientific guys…I love ‘em!”

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@shawnlxc: I totally forgot about Freakazoid. I watched that all the time.

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The show where the two guys were running from a museum that was exploding was Traveler. They were arrested for the bombing. Their third friend got away and ended up being caught up in all this stuff his friends had np idea about. I did want to see how it ended, but my vote goes for Twin Peaks.

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@ezraglenn – on the head Arrested Developement.

I challenge anyone to sit down, watch that from the start and, while paying attention, not keep watching. That is the greatest show.

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Sledge Hammer

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Avatar the Last Airbender.

Make us wait years between seasons, and now the last one is just hanging in limbo halfway done. They say it’s coming back, but I know better.

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@Monsoon: I totally agree, but I haven’t lost hope that they’ll bring it back. Last I heard they were arguing over title rights for the movie….

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Airwolf. Street Hawk.

Riptide. Riptide was awesome.

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@foolaholic, Yeah, they lost “Avatar,” I forget what Shyamalan’s going to call it instead.

Anyway I just just went and rechecked after months of trying not to think about it out of depression, and Avatar Spirit says that starting the 14th of next month the remaining episodes are all going to be shown within one week.

Suh-WEET. Thank you for this fluther question. :)

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Anyone else remember The Oblongs one of my favorite shows that never made it.

Invader Zim was awesome as well and only got cancelled because Nick put it in a horrible time slot and never really advertised for it. It wasnt a little kids show, should have been on later at night. After all in one ep Zim used abortion fluid to make a Santa suit lol.

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Firefly and ZIM

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my favorite show of all time has to be Chappelle’s Show on comedy central. It had two great seasons and a so-so lost episodes but was cancelled after dave chappelle had disagreements with comedy central.

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@AstroChuck Journeyman was loosely (and I emphasize “loosely”) based on a PC game by the same name which involved time travel. I still have the game on CD Rom somewhere around here…

Also, lurve to you @AstroChuck for Max Headroom. I also liked the Doonesbury reference “Ron Headrest”

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