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Marketability of a DVD for (insert content here)?

Asked by NGAMNSTR (4points) June 22nd, 2008

People come from all over the world to fish a certain lake that I know of. This is one of the top 4 lakes in the world. I’m thinking about creating a guide-based DVD (SME is on-board). How do I determine the market for this product before I shoot content?

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Well, fishing is popular enough to warrant its own TV stations and magazines. As far as determining the “marketability” of a film/video of any kind its hard to say. It’s hard to know how marketable a thing is until you’ve actually got something to market.

I know of two local documentary film makers up here who have both begun projects by doing some initial filming, putting together a fairly detailed write-up about their ideas and went looking for funding (government grants mainly). They didn’t bother trying to do anything with it sales-wise until the films were done. I’m not involved in the industry but it seems that you basically have to get funding or investors initially to create your work and then you shop it around (and if someone buys it then its probably marketable :) ).

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You could invest in some qualitative focus group testing where participants are screened as part of your potential target. Contact a research facility for help with this.

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