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What's the silliest thing you've ever done, said or witnessed?

Asked by DWW25921 (6498points) September 20th, 2013

Lets break up the serious banter with some laughs!


I had a navy friend who had a rough week and he complained about not having time for a relationship so I dressed full tilt drag and sent him a picture. He thanked me and said that made his day! I hope that photo never turns up…

I remember as a kid my dad was yelling at me for something and he said, “do I make myself clear?” I replied with, “Yes, you’re a real trans-parent!” I got out of trouble because he couldn’t keep a straight face. Good times.

A friend of mine was in a bar and decided to defend a lady who was being spoken rather harshly to by a very large man. He said, “I wouldn’t talk to her that way if I were you!” the big guy looked at him and said, “What are you going to do?” My friend said, “I reckon I’m going to run my mouth and get my butt kicked because I never learn!” The big guy laughed so hard he forgot why he was mad and just left.

Stuff like that.

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At the end of a long day some years ago when I worked in a high end gift shop and a couple came in right at closing time. I looked up, and said ( classic Freudian slip ) ....
“and how are you FUCKS today?” lol
The husband cracked up, the wife was not amused. Clearly I was thinking to myself ” fuck… no more customers!”. haha

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I told her “I love you”.

whaddah dope

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This happened in the ‘70s, when color copiers were just coming out. The ad agency I worked for had just purchased one for the creative department and two of us copywriters immediately put it to creative (and slightly criminal) use by copying both sides of a $20 bill. We trimmed it up perfectly and left it downstairs on the pavement in front of a bank across from our building. Back in my office a few stories up, we watched to what would happen.

A guy walked out of the bank and spotted the bogus bill. He stepped on it with one shoe, glanced furtively around, and then shoved it into his jacket pocket. My counterfeit copying co-worker and I thought this was about the funniest thing we had ever seen.

To this day I wonder what his reaction was when he finally took a closer look, and I’ve got to admit that for a day or two days we actually worried that since our copier was one of the few in town the deed would somehow be traced it back to us.

Silly, right? Wait … someone’s pounding on my front door…

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Haha, look at the volume of answers here, users do prefer serious whinging though.

I came home drunk one night, happy drunk is the only way I know. Thought it was a fun idea to strip off & wear one of the wife’s bras & a pair of her knickers. I soon fell asleep & woke up the following morning to howls of mocking laughter. My wife, in her wisdom, had decided to teach me a lesson by plastering make-up all over my face, lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, all way over done. Looking in the mirror, I looked like a startled victorian whore who just spotted Jack the Ripper…silly, silly boy.

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@Coloma Awkward! It happens to the best of us…

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Whatever works for the moment I reckon…

@Pachyderm_In_The_Room Oh dear. Just don’t do it again! Funny though… :)

@ucme I’m sure you looked fantastic!

Has anyone realized yet that I give “great answers” to anyone who replies to one of my questions, every time! Just saying. Thanks for the input all.

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@DWW25921 You do? My word that’s very English of you old bean, hoorah!

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Oh, how could I forget this one.
I’ve told this before, somewhere here but…

Years ago when I was married to my ex he came home one night and wanted to go out for chinese food.
He had had a few and I drove and he had a couple more beers at the restaurant.
When the check came he was looking at it and exclaimed…

Chung Du, Chung Du….we didn’t order anything called Chung Du!”

He was reading the abbreviation for CHANGE DUE at the bottom of the receipt.

Oh man…how I married such a dumb ass escapes me now. lol
Yes, we are divorced. lol

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…and I know why you divorced him, @Coloma. You had a change due.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room Haha…perfect…yes I did!

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There’s so many silly thing I’ve done but now you ask, I seem to remember only one thing: When I was young I used to believed that fairy tales were real. I once had a silly plan to find a talking frog and kiss it hoping it to turn into a prince!

But none of them was as horrible as this:
It happened many years ago, after I’d read “The Last Sherlock Holmes Story” by Michael Dibdin. I was so fascinated with that story that at a time I thought all the thing happened in that story was true. I once yelled to my friend “Sherlock Holmes was real. He was just fictionalized a bit by Conan Dolye!”

Right now, when I am able to distinguish fact and fiction, I thought about them and admire myself for having a really superb imagination :(

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@Coloma (regarding your first response) My stomach hurts from laughing. I wish I were there to experience that. Like I could’ve been some guy in the background looking at souvenir shot glasses or magnets.

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This happened to me about a week ago, so you can imagine how often I do stupid things. I have done dumb things in the past, but this one was so dumb, I actually paused to wonder if I had some kind of brain damage, or perhaps a giant tumor growing in my head that had lead me to doing something so dumb.

About a week ago, I went in to the local store because I had a cold. I got a pack of tissues, and some strong mint gum to help clear my nose.

I paid the shop keeper with a 5 euro note, and received some coins as change. I then walked out of the store.

Once I was outside, I put the pack of tissues in my pocket. I then took the pack of gum, peeled off the seal, and opened the pack.

I then put the pack of gum in to my pocket, and tossed all my coins in to my mouth.

I don’t know what went wrong, but somewhere down the road, my brain mixed up the signal to put my change in my pocket and gum in my mouth, and I ended up with a mouth full of money.

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@poisonedantidote LOL

I poured OJ on my cereal! was early, my brain just wasn’t in awake mode yet. haha

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