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What kind of cool electronic things do you own?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

like ps3, wii, iPod…

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I have a very shiny ps3. Which is also possibly the most expensive thing in my house right now, to answer your other question.

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I own a Speak and Spell and it works and it’s rad and it’s the most expensive THING I own, to answer your other question.

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I have a universal remote that does everything from open and close curtains, to adjust temperature in my place.

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My appleTV connected to my Bose home theater with remote speakers throughout the house and the patio. Those would be the electronics that give me the most joy in my house

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Wii, Bose Speakers, 2 iPhones, 3 iPods, Laptop, and the coolest thing of all,
my laser pointer! It drives my cats wild!

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@ac: you didn’t happen to attend the Tom Petty concert last night in Ohio, did you?

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Special halo3 xbox 360, ipod nano, 18” flatscreen, psp, nintendo DS light, and my personal army of Borg awaiting my command.

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Are you casing us?

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Wii, iPod Touch, PS2, Motorola Rizr, Fujifilm digital camera, a lamp, electricity, MacBook, PSP, a keychain, an empty water bottle, and a soul.

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iPod, xbox 360, iBook, electric piano, four guitars, guitar amp, multiple guitar pedals, Protools LE, Minotla 5D SLR, Minolta Maxxum 70 35mm, three camera lenses and multiple filters

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Wii, my IBM T61 widescreen, and a sweet electric mixer for lattes!

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An Odyssey 4000, with voice module.
A Casio digital watch.
A Lux air conditioner thermostat.
A Panasonic breadmaker.
An Oster rice cooker.

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I just picked up one these Lasonic boomboxes the other day and I think I’ve already gotten my money’s worth.

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Oh, and my TARDIS!

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Icecream maker!!

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my iPod touch

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funny-my water bottle is full, but my soul is empty…perhaps i just need to buy more stuff

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@AstroChuck: Yes!! And my sonic screwdriver! Is that technically electric?

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Yeah, yeah, yeah…electronics! However, my newest electronic favorite is my CHI flat iron hair straightener…amazing!

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I have you all beat! I just picked up a snazzy new Man-Groomer!!

Now my wife can scratch my back without snagging a nail!

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I’m running right out to get one! Only $39.99!
What a bargain!

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@peedub. That lasonic ipod boombox might be the coolest thing ive ever seen. Too bad it doesnt work with the ipod touch or iphone or it would be enroute to my house right now.

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@Stocky- feel ya man. Pissed I can’t use my phone because it would actually look cool in the ‘tape deck’ but it worked for me since my ipod classic was feeling neglected, post iphone purchase. I have to say, the thing totally booms.

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