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What is the most expensive thing on your home?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

besides car and home

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My watch I guess.

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Maybe the roof, it’s a designer one.

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@2late2be: You’re not somehow secretly casing us all out are you?:)

But anyway, I would have to say it’s my watch and jewelry collection.

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Jewelry/watches and Wine Cellar.

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@wine3213 LOL!!! I’m just curious!! Besides, I don’t like jewelry, but, in the other hand, I like the money I could get for those jewels, LOL!!

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On my home? In my home it’s one of my cats; I’ve spent about 10 grand on her medical bills.

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My shoe-collection

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On my home – the shake roof, of course.
In my home – my extensive collection of old baseball cards and memorabilia.

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Considering the state of my roof (flat, has had a couple of leaks and way overdue for replacement), my shoe collection is also the most expensive thing on my home if I put it up on the roof….

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Shoes? Wildflower, you are such a girl!

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Well, my roof is in need of some minor repair, so I may have to go with my roof mounted over-sized package HVAC (heating/ventilation/air conditioning) unit. Inside the house, collection wise it would have to be watches/jewelry, art, and writing instruments. Also, considering what they cost, I might add the five rather large JBLs that fill my small office (and sometimes the entire house and once and awhile, a good portion of the neighborhood) with incredible sound.

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@astrochuck, yes….last I checked.

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Small Louise Nevelson sculpture.

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Probably the Indian burial grounds I built my house on top of.

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My wardrobe (all of it), my cd collection…

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I have the fountain of youth inside my house. It must be expensive because John McCain has been trying to break in for months.

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All of my musical instruments

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this laptop.

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My ring.

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A water heater.
Only other thing up there are last year’s Christmas lights. I’ll take ‘em down one day.

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my dads computer monitor its as big as me and swivels around

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I had a chance to think about it, and I’m going to change my choice to my music recording studio equipment. Definitely.

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My unbelievable collection of beads, buttons, sterling wire and findings (I always said I had enough to open my own store)! Perhaps also, my huge collection of pieces made by fellow jewelry artisans.

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my 35 carats necklace wiith a 25 carats charm!!!

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Out of my own personal items I would have to go with my psp. Out of my house it would have to be oh wait how embarrassing ME. I’m one of those quarter-million dollar babies skewrl88 was talking about.

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one of the cameras or the piano… If it had to be a single item and not a category. (then I’d have to say “books”)

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