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What is the Price / cost for omniture siteCatalyst Web Analytics tool?

Asked by keanu13 (2points) June 22nd, 2008

I want to know what is the licensing fee and other service cost for omniture sitecatalyst? considering 1 million pageviwes. So what would be the total minimum cost?

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It all depends on the amount of traffic your site gets and the number of add-ons you get. For just 1M page views, you are not likely to get much of a price break. I would expect to pay a CPM of around $0.625.

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Omniture can get very pricy depending on what you need. In 2003 I did the implementation on a set of rather high traffic sites (roughly the same daily views you’re talking about IIRC) that ran the company almost $500k a year. Of course, I didn’t negotiate the deal so I’m not sure what all was included. Their docs weren’t great but I did have direct access to their engineers when needed. The reporting tools are very thorough and their prices may have come down since the release of things like Google Analytics.

If you have a site that’s got good traffic all you’ve got to do is contact these companies and they’ll quite readily put a quote together for you, I’m sure.

Anecdotally, I worked at this place that was run by some real boys club kind of guys. The main owner employed his brother who was the a-typical “class clown” still at the age of 35 (fart jokes, etc.) and couldn’t market or sell his way out of a paper bag. Now, Omniture is based out of Salt Lake City and is owned and run by Mormons primarily (so I was told anyway). The owner and his brother had a conference call with them and were on hold waiting for the people in Salt Lake to get on the line. Of course, our 35 year-old man child decides to start telling some inane and misogynistic joke involving the words “dick” and “bitch” every 4th word. At some point during the telling of this joke the people at Omiture entered the call but didn’t say anything and heard pretty much the whole thing. When the joke was over there were some quite obviously unimpressed people on the other end. However, even after all that (and apparently other incidents) they still took the company’s business. The upshot here is that money trumps morals for pretty much everyone.

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I’m going to assume this question was asked and answered by the same person/team with different user names. keanu13 asks a pretty random question and limaconsulting comes in with a response that is obvious spam. I doubt this is a coincidence.

I would bet that the original question was a set-up for the spamswer.

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The most recent prices for Omniture seem to have dropped much more over the past year. partly because of the econeomy and partly because of new competiton coming on stream from upstarts like mviSPY and others. Thing that Omniture does is push on hands consultation and newer ones provides the tools with little or no training. Not wure what works for everyone but spending $100,000 for omniture seems like a lot.

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