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Female Relationships?

Asked by zander101 (630points) September 22nd, 2013

Is it true that when females engage in a relationship with one another, friendship wise that they invest in it emotionally? I question it due to the fact that I feel when conflict arises with females that things do and will get twisted easily and relationships remain broken as females due hold some very vicious grudges, most them never forget and it’s brought up in conversation.

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The reason the “claws come out” is because they invest in it so emotionally. If they didn’t care, why bother fighting.

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Your question is a ignorant as one that generalized about all men.

Women are very capable of long-lasting relationships. I have deep friendships that go back more than 35 years.

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@marinelife I asked if it’s true in the beginning before letting my thought process follow through. I do applaud you that you have deep friendships that go back 35 years, some females are not so lucky….............

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@zander101 You sound very young to be making such sweeping generalizations. How could you possibly know how likely women are to have friendships as long as 35 years?

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Many women have deep and abiding friendships.

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@glacial the lady above me stated that fact she been in a friendship that goes back 35 years, I just created the question to inquire and engage and to learn different viewpoints, remember we are all apart of this collective and i’m just looking to learn.

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I think it depends on their characters and depends what stated the fight in the first place.

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I’ve seen men hold nasty grudges in my time. I will say that females do differ from males, as they are more catty. This is just from my experience, and I really don’t know about any emotional investment.

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Everyone gets their feelings hurt and some have poor methods of dealing with it. This trait is not gender specific. I have seen some very deep male bonding going on. I have on rare occasion seen it go south and stay there.

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I rarely have conflict with any of my female friends. I choose wisely.

yes, we are invested emotionally. they wouldn’t be my friends if we weren’t.

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Guess you’d have to ask each person you deem female the question, rather than make group assumptions.

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