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What would America's legal system do if this mother did what she did in France?

Asked by flo (11432points) September 22nd, 2013

She said that she “had no intention of conveying a political message via her toddler.”

Naming the child “Jihad”
Making him wear a T-shirt with the words:
“Sept. 11”,
“I’m a bomb”

1) Would one of the charges be “Child endangerment”? Added:Would the child be taken away from her?

2)What would the charge be if it were her car she was using instead of the child?

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I don’t know why the legal system would be involved. I think it may be protected speech. I doubt that someone would harm a toddler wearing that shirt.

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Pretty much what @drhat77 said.

If it were in America it would be no different. It might raise a stink but there are no laws against it.

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There are no crazy people in America who can’t/refuse to see that it is not the child’s fault. No crazy people who would harm the child just to get to the mother. Is that what you’re saying?

You can’t say to someone “I will kill you” etc. you will be charged. It doesn’t have to be verbal threat to be a threat.

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It sounds like the family that named their child Adolf Hitler in The US… the cake designer refused to put the name in icing on the cake… and then the child protective services took the child away.

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@flo . . . You asked what America’s legal system would do.

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Sometimes people are just too stupid for their own good. It is easier to become a parent that it is to get a library card. Raising them properly is another story.

In the US there would be no legal consequences for naming a child Jihad or putting him (or her) in a T-shirt labeled 9/11 or I’m the bomb. A town clerk or other registrar could, I suppose, refuse to issue a birth certificate in this name but there are some very inappropriate and just plain dumb names out there already.

North West for example, ..................

here is a link about this subject.


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Well, she’s either not very bright or pretending she doesn’t know what ‘political message’ means. Either way, sucks for her kid. But is she endangering him? People responding to a toddler with that name or with that shirt by hurting him would be to blame, in my mind.

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Well, there was that recent case here where a judge made a family change their kid’s name from Messiah so I wouldn’t begin to predict what would be done.

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1) Would probably require pretty gross neglect. Remember ;ittle Adolf Hitler Campell?

2) Not sure exactly what the circumstances would be, but a bumper sticker saying that is technically constitutionally protected speech.

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If the kid was a teenager, he might be sent home from a high school that had rules about wearing provocative clothing. Otherwise, nothing would be done about it.

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“After the police investigation, no terrorism-related charges were brought. But the prosecutor decided to charge Bagour and her brother with “apology for crime,” which under a 1981 French law carries a penalty of up to five years in prison and a $58,000 fine.”
It is not like nothing happened to the mother and uncle.

North West is not threat related terrorism/bomb,related, as much as it s a ridiculous name to give a child.

People who would do something to the child are to blame of course, but that wouldn’t mean anyone who have it lead to that/enable it is not.

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