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What is some cheap food that that I can serve myself without a kitchen?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) September 22nd, 2013

I have a half fridge a microwave and a kettle with no utensils or pots. I was thinking lots of Ramen and cereal. I have a budget of $500 and no car. Taxi’s cost $10 one way, but walking to the stores are o.k. I also like Chef Boy R de microwavable lasagna. The budget starts on October 1
I don’t need coffee, or tea or pop other than one meal every week from A&W teen burger and a small root beer.
I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. I don’t have any kids and no dependents.

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Get salad greens, you can get some mixed greens or romaine lettuce, tomotoes, and cucumbers, an occasional avocado. Add some green bell pepper and some oil and vinegar dressing.

You don’t need a microwave, nothing worth eating comes out of a microwave. And ramen is all carbs and salt, not good for you at all.

You can get some sliced organic roast beef and put that on your salad for protein.

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Salads and sandwiches and easy to make and all the fixings can be stored in a small fridge. It there’s a thrift store you can get to, shop it for a electric crock pot. You can make great, healthy-hearty stews in them. And you can get the few necessary kitchen utensils you’ll need there too. Also good for making vegetable soup, chicken soup, beef soup and the like.

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I agree….salads, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables! They can be really delicious and even if you aren’t used to them, it shouldn’t be hard to make them delicious with a few simple spices and even just a skillet.

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I agree with @zenvelo, and I would put canned tuna, cubed cheese, or cottage cheese on top.

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Cheap recipes from Campbell’s Soups can be found on this site.

Better Homes and Gardens has 20 cheap dinner ideas here.

This site’s page says it has 100 cheap recipes.

Finally, here is a site with more than 400 recipe ideas for cheap eats.

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Use coupons, too, if you’re on a budget. Stretch your dollar. Go online, become a card-carrying member, etc. Walking is significantly better than taking an expensive taxi. How far are places?

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@dxs Sobeys and Safeway, Walmart within a 20 minute walk. A&W in the same area.

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@talljasperman That’s not bad at all. If you have too much stuff, you could carry a carriage or something with you. Is there a bus route? You could get familiar with the minutes that the buses leave and time it so that you can catch it when you’re done shopping, too.

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Get a bike with a basket and make it a five minute trip. Then you can shop daily.

On your thrift store trip, or at Walmart, get an electric skillet. $20. Then you can make anything you want.

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Food Network has some healthy recipes requiring only a microwave here.

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Toaster Oven. Mine was 35 bucks. I can fit a pizza in it.

Hot Pockets, taquitos, chicken strips, fish fingers, lasuagna, tater tots, quasedilla, and grilled cheese.

Shit food but eating it for four years won’t kill you.

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$500 (assuming) a month is ~$16 a day. That is easily doable while still maintaining healthy eating habits and allowing the occasional treat.

So many of the recommendations above are worth adopting. Now that the weather is cooling down,oatmeal is ideal. Regular oatmeal with skim milk and sliced fresh fruit is tasty and can be made in the microwave. Find out when the closest store has items on sale. The grocery store in this neighborhood puts party packages of vegetables at a reduced price on Mondays. It lasts me a week and is healthy snack food.

Wishing you the best. Let us know what works for you.

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Home-made red lentil soup (add onions and whatever herbs and spices you like; I use cumin and chilli flakes), and you can cook it in a bowl the microwave, just as much as you need at a time. It’s healthy, filling and cheap. Also lots of veggies, you can eat just about any of them raw.

Stay away from the ramen, but substitute with proper rice noodles, they’re still cheap and you can add your own flavourings and spices.

If you shop daily, and late in the afternoon, you will often find stuff that’s about to go out of date, reduced in price.

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Jaffa cakes & a spam bap.

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Sardines packed in water. Sauerkraut. Loaf of hearty whole grain bread. Mustard. Alternate between sardine sandwichs and sauerkraut sandwiches. Your digestive system and your wallet will thank you.

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Quick cook oatmeal for breakfast. Fresh fruit for dessert. Cheese and crackers. Maybe microwaved (baked) potatoes. Rice crispy treats or jello with canned fruit bits for snack.

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chapati – Mix ½ cup whole wheat flour with salt and water (not much water to start). Mix well and push it into a flat thing the size of your kettle. Put a TBSP or two of oil in the kettle and get it hot. If you are rich you can use butter. It takes a quarter pound per serving. Fry on both sides. Let cool and eat. This is surprisingly good. Only make it with whole wheat flour, never white.

Get a roll of aluminum foil to fold a pot for cooking soups or veggies. Make a cheese sandwich, wrap it in foil with butter on both sides, and iron it.

Ramen is tasty but you need to add veggies. An egg makes a big difference. You can go to youtube and search “ramen hacks” for thousands of ideas.

Go to Salvation Army and get a waffle iron for 3–4 bux. Search youtube for “waffle iron hacks”. Get a 10” fry pan and a 1½ quart sauce pan with a lid while you are there. You’ll be glad you have them.

Buy all the eggs you can stand. Eggs and w.w. flour will keep you alive for a long time.

Buy on sale! When something goes on sale, buy as much as you can carry.

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@all Thanks everyone I was gifted the electric frying pan, and I have canned beef stew and bacon and eggs. Also I have rib grilling steaks once a month.

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Awesome about the frying pan! Are you getting in any fruits and veggies alongside all the protein? A little fat is good but too much isn’t.

I like grabbing the pre-made salad kits when they’re on sale at the grocery. Fresh Express and Dole make them. They come with dressing and nuts and croutons and everything, in a bunch of flavors. Something nice and fresh to have alongside the ribs and bacon sammiches.

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@Seek I try to buy a HUGE bag of mixed vegetables every week. And serve with margerine and salt and pepper.

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I bought a new half freezer and filled it with pierogis and mini beef pies that were on sale. I will try drinking only water and an ensure two times a day (Is free on disability insurance) . I’m slowly saving money , I went back to basic cable and internet and will get a new phone on my birthday July 28 , 2017. I got a store card with cash back every April Thanks @all

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