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What is wrong with the Phillies?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) June 23rd, 2008

Come on now? WTF? Where are the bats at?! Utley 24 AB with out a hit?

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Oh my God! This is my kind of question because I love the Phils. They’re my team.

J-Roll – He’s in quite a slump. He can’t hit on the road OR at home.
Victorino – Not actually doing that bad. And thank God we have some speed in the lineup.
Utley – Utley, Utley, Utley. Well, actually last night against the Angels he slammed a double and scored a run, but still! He’s at .291 and still on the All-Star Team? I just hope he can bounce back after the Interleague games.
Howard – He’s doing pretty well. Gets a couple hits a game, usually a double. Hasn’t been cranking them out like he used to.
Burrell – He’s been absolutely terrible for the past 20 games or so. He usually strikes out a couple times a game, and he isn’t the best outfielder.
Jenkins – I think Geoff is the best we got right now. He’s hitting at a good average, and usually gets a hit every game.
Ruiz – Not the best hitter out there.
Feliz – He’s not a good hitter either, and not the best third base-man.
Werth – Werth is actually a very good pinch hitter. Yes, he has some games where he can’t hit. But he usually can get on base.
Taguchi – Taguchi is absolutely terrible. He can run, and that’s it. If you watched last night’s game, he sufferred the last out of the game on a foul fly, and the pitch was way high and outside. He’s just dumb when it comes to hitting.
Bruntlett – I love Bruntlett, and don’t think he gets the recognition he deserves. He’s a great hitter, a fast and smart runner, and steals bases like nobody’s business.
Coste – A great catcher, but not the best hitter
Dobbs – Dobbs is decent.
Myers – After such a great season last year, I don’t know why Myers is sucking this year.
Hamels – Cole is still young, and has a lot of time to grow with the Phils. He’s not there yet.
Moyer – The grandpa of the team. He is probably the best pitcher we have right now.
Kendrick – Kendrick is also a good pitcher. Not only that, but he’s the best hitting pitcher on the Phillies.
Eaton – Adam usually plays well, with a few rough patches here and there.
The only closer I’m going to discuss is Lidge, because he is the best.
Lidge – One of the best closers in baseball, today. He has a very strong arm, and you can count on him to save any game.

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It’s pretty hard to ask what’s wrong with a team that’s in first place.

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You haven’t been watching the Phillies lately, lefteh. They were in first by 5+ games. Now, only by one game. And it’s not the place they’re in, it’s the effort they put out.

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Ah, I didn’t realize how much of a slide they’ve taken. Baseball, even though it’s my passion, has temporarily been replaced in the past few days by Euro 2008.
It’s getting harder and harder for me to watch anyway…I’m a Reds fan.

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At least you’ve got Griffey Jr. My mom also loves the Reds. She was raised in Cincinati. I just can’t seem to get interested in Euro 2008 when America isn’t in it.

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We have a bunch of great players, they’re just in the same position the Phillies are in: the effort they exert leaves much to be desired.
Griffey, Dunn, Ross, Keppinger, Votto…not to mention the new guys that are incredible, such as Jay Bruce and Daryl Thompson. We’ll see if the young blood can pull us out of the gutter.

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burrell is historically streaky, utley has hit a slump. Hell, even joe DiMaggio has had slumps. This team is to good to start to worry about. If and when jimmy rollins gets going, this team can win 95 + games.

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Probably shouldn’t mention that I’m an Angels fan…..

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LEAVE NOW! hahah.

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And I’m taking my BROOM with me….

Ha…Ouch… My side

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I love baseball. My take on the Phillies: they’re too good a team to not come out of this soon. My prediction: they’ll take the division by 5 games.

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What’s wrong with the Phillies? Simple- they are from the dirtiest, most despicable, most worthless, slimiest, most foul-mouthed, most hypocritical, MOST DISLOYAL city on God’s green earth…

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@Senator: I think you have the Phillies and the Nationals confused.

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Ok, I’m coming back to an old post (2 days ago) because I watched the Phillies play in Oakland tonight and was thinking about our little discussion.

Here’s my report: The Phillies easily handled the A’s tonight. Charlie Manuel really mixed up the lineup tonight (Werth hitting 1st, Rollins 3rd, Howard 6th, Victorino 7th). Kyle Kendrick threw 8 shutout innings and allowed 5 baserunners. He was lights out. Utley finally woke up and went 4-for-5, a homer short of the cycle. The Oakland crowd seemed like it was pulling for a homer the last two at-bats, even with the bases loaded. It would have been the only real excitement of the night. He looked like he found his stroke, after going 1-for-29.

I wonder what the Phillies look like playing the Mets in Shea. Tonight the game looked like it hardly challenged them, with Kendrick cruising. So nothing really looked like it was wrong with the Phils tonight. That’s for you Phillies fans. Personally, I’m looking forward to my beloved Cubs coming to town next week to play the Giants!

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Yes, but can Charlie mix it up that well EVERY game? Was it the mix-up that caused the win? I think that Kendrick is the best pitcher we have, and we won’t have him again for another 5 games. Yes, the Phils won, but only after losing 6 straight. We’re just lucky that the Marlins got blown out of the water (no pun intended) last night. (15–3)

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Wow, you think Kendrick is better than Hamels? I never considered it.

I think Charlie’s creativity did give a certain spark, like it freshened things up. The bats will come around. The Matlins aren’t strong enough to contend the whole season, I think. You’re in good shape in the long run.

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After watching the thrilling end to tonight’s game, I can agree with you Trustinglife.

The Phils are playing some damn good baseball.

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~I’ll tell you what’s wrong with the Phillies. Philadelphia!~


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