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What body type would you like to have?

Asked by antimatter (4419points) September 23rd, 2013

In medical science they transplant organs and do many amazing things, so imagine they could transplant your brain into another body.
What body type would you like to have?

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Robot body.

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Yes like Robocop?

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More like Mechagodzilla.

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I would like a Ceylon body like Battlestar Galactica.

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My own, but with better knees.

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An ab transplant, plus a bit of height.

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My own, just a little less.

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Oompa Loompa.

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I would like mine at 18 before I got sick and gained 100 lbs.

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Emily Ratajkowski’s body would be nice to have in the evenings. Warm and animated, you understand.

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Kim Kardarshians…...he heh..

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All in all, in the long run, I’m pretty satisfied with what I got. I always wished I had a bigger bust, but I don’t share the problems of an aged sagging ones now, with the extra waist to support it, and that’s nice. When I was a budding teenager, my friends and I played strip poker. One of the girls had what I thought a was pretty bosom. I wished I had one like that. And that’s what I have now. A fourteen year old’s bosom. When I see younger women with over-sized mammaries, I think of their years ahead and I no longer envy them.

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I’m happy with my own.

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A nice mesomorphic body would be great…much better than the twig-like physique I currently have.

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Wonder Woman

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To have for myself?

originally I thought you were asking – if I could have any woman in the world, what would I like HER body type to be? Which is a whole different thing from MY body type :-(

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I’ll have a healthy 18 year old male body type.

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I want the body I had when I was 18 but I’d like to keep the boobs and butt that I’ve grown over the years.

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This one please!!

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I’ll take my 30 year old body that I used to have. I was in the best shape of my life back then.

I can’t believe I complained about that body when I had it.

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My own with better teeth and nicer tits. Let’s lose the mama stretch marks, too.

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The athletic type. Maybe next life!

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The genius type

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I’m happy enough with my own body, health and looks, but I think I’d love to try my hand at flying. I can’t choose to be another human to accomplish this, so I’d go with some type of large bird of prey for my mental transition. I can’t imagine being in the body of another human though.

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Slender and Lithe.

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muscular but lean

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I am quite happy with the body type that I have, petite and not fat. It serves me well.

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Actually, I am happy with my body…thanks to good genes and a history of professional sport.

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