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Are the walls in your house painted white (including anything in the white family) or a bold and unusual color?

Asked by jca (35976points) September 24th, 2013

My dining room is painted a “country white” color and my bedroom is light peach. My living room is a sand color. I am going to paint the bedroom some type of white (white is more versatile with colorful bed linens, I decided) and the living room color change is to be decided.

I am curious about other Jellies’ houses or apartments. Are your walls white or another color?

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Honesty I can’t remember, and the upstairs door is locked. I do know that my bedroom is white, even though my lights are always off.

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The majority of my room is white but there are patches of peachy beige on some of the walls where my parents had attempted to repaint the room years ago, but never finished.

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I have a bedroom that is white with blue accents (curtains and comforter). My bedroom is a very light purple with dark purple accents.
My living room is cream with an accent wall that is light green.
My bathroom is two tone, cream with a darker color on the bottom of the chair rail. I have purple accents in the bathroom.
Yes, I like purple.

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When it came time to choose wall colors we couldn’t decide on any, so we went with white. Our furniture, carpeting, draperies and art work brought a lot of color into the rooms. It worked for us, even though non-decision was the primary motivation.

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Neutrals and green. Not white.

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Rental. Boring neutral colors.

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Currently, in my present living situation, my walls are a sand/beige color and they are alright. My old home of 7 years, I moved from last March, I went nuts with color. Painted several living room walls a metallic bronze to showcase a beautiful, abstract painting I have. Retro green bedroom, I love color!

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Yes, all our walls are off-white. I prefer it because it brightens up the home and we add color with the furniture and accessories.

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Our kitchen and living room have white walls. The kitchen has red trim The living room has wood trim. Our oldest son has 3 different shades of green in his room. Our youngest son has blue walls. Our little girls has purple walls with blue and green stripes (that match the colors in her sheets). Our bedroom is mostly white with 2 accent walls (out of 6) that are yellow.

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I probably have one of the most unique entry foyers in America when it comes to paint jobs. The previous resident was a tattoo artist, and for fun, the airbrushed in cartoon characters on all the walls. The foyer is 6 feet wide by 11 feet deep. Above the entry door, there is a blue vapor trail leading to Taz(Looney_Tunes) turning the corner and racing toward the very wide doorless opening to the living room on the wall to the right of the entry door. Past that wide opening, Wile E. Coyote has his hands around the Road Runner’e neck, setting him up for yet another epic fail at securing a square meal. On the wall opposite the front door, Marvin the Martian is piloting his craft while Tweety Bird watches in apparent shock. On the wall to the left of the front door, Elmer Fudd has his double-barreled shotgun pointed straight at a very complacent Buggs Bunny, who is saying “Come on in, Doc. The coast is clear.”

Top that, Donald Trump. And no, combovers don’t count as paint jobs.

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My family room is painted light rose walls (pink) and dark rose trim around the doors and the divider in front of the kitchen. I have a beach scene wall hanging on one wall, and a wallpaper type window looking out on a beach on the door.

There is a hall divider which is cream colored. The front room, bedrooms and hall are painted eggshell blue.

The hall bathroom is painted to look like an aquarium, with darker blue in the lower portion, with lighter blue around the top couple of feet. It is filled with various fish and ocean fern accessories.

The master bath is painted like a beach cabana, with two blue walls and two gold colored walls. There is a plastic palm tree hanging in the center of he room, and one wall has a beach scene hanging.

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Yes, all the interior and exterior walls of my house are off white.

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I used panda white as a complement to a mango color for the living room, I went tri colored inthe kitchen dining room spring green plus the other two and black for some exposed pipe.

I went light and airy with a soft pastel taupe and a very pastel green with alabaster.

The bedroom is a dark smoky blue green with a complementary indigo for built in shadow boxes that one took work and alabaster.

Especially since it had to match the spring green and taupe for the craft room alabaster here as well.

The ceilings are all pebble grey which is soft but slightly reflective it helped illuminate. I thought I was brave but I love it.

I want to move but how much the paint makes me feel cozy and my own is one of the biggest factors in me staying.

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My walls are usually white or some shade of off white. I like colorful walls when I see them in other people’s houses, but have never done much of it in my houses. The color comes from the furniture, artwork, accessories, rugs, etc.

I was just looking at design ideas trying to decide whether to go taupe or beige on the walls. Taupe is beautiful, but I am not sure I want to live in such a cool color. It would have to be a taupy beige, not too grey I guess. I’m going to make the trim like, the baseboards, dark similar to the cabinets and wood in the house.

Dark walls can feel too dark to me after a while. Too dark for daily living, even though I appreciate the beauty at first glance. But, your colors don’t sound dark.

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10+ years ago, after returning from overseas, we had the inside of the house painted by a professional service. Rather than decide on a color we just told him to paint everything (from the front to the back) Dover White and we would decide on colors and repaint later. Here we are today and the only room painted is the kitchen. It is a light blue.
Dover white sure gives the house a bright, clean look, and it is easy to see unwanted intruders like flies and mosquitoes.

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Our living room/dining room area is an ugly (IMHO) brick-mauve-ick color on the bottom and a peachy-ick color on the top, all separated by a chair rail. (Add the green carpet and the whole thing is not good.) The kitchen has the same peach color, but it’s not as visible because of the cupboard and refrigerator. The master bedroom and bath once had hideous blue floral & paisley wallpaper. That finally came down! The bathroom is currently primer white and the bedroom is a very pale purple. The downstairs bathroom has beige wallpaper with wheat bunches (shocks?) on it.

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@tedibear, what were they thinking???

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I found this that talks about room color.

I also thought I would mention that the room colors we usually have lately are browns, green, and rust, but I feel ready to brighten it up and cool the colors down a little maybe. Possibly because I am back in FL and there is more blue and sand all around me. I thought about it more and the colors I choose to live in seem influenced by the colors in nature around me. The sun influences it also I think. My house will be north facing, and that sunlight is a cooler color, while west has the orangy sun, and my last house faced west.

My first and second home when I was much younger was white white with all sorts of brighter colors. Not primary colors, but still bright like Hatian art almost. In college and my early twenties I also used stark white in my bedroom. I kind of miss it. It’s similar to how the hotels do trippled sheeted white on beds and then add color with accents.

The question has me thinking and analyzing more why I pick what color, and the timing is perfect since we are moving again. GQ.

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@Judi I have NO idea. There were horizontal blinds on the bedroom window and they even put the wallpaper on those!

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My husband is a ‘white’ freak. Every wall in our house except 2 are stark white. One is a small wall in the kitchen with wallpaper on it and the other is an outside wall in my living room that I begged him to let me paint—i even let him pick the color (sage green). My next step is to paint the dining room a different color. He finally said after 32 years, “I have had white walls as long as I wanted, now you can pick the color.” I almost cried. I was so touched. I know how hard it was for him to change from white. I will try not to really freak him out. Well, maybe just a little…

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I wonder how often people keep with the color schemes and wall painting of their childhood homes? I guess that would be a separate Q.

@Pooh54 Does he like wide open spaces? I think colors make rooms smaller, warmer, and cozier in general. When I had stark white walls it was like the walls disappeared.

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Most of my walls are white-ish, or have a light-colored wallpaper.

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All white except one. I did one coffee-colored accent wall in the living room, but I am so afraid of committment that I couldn’t do any more.
The weird thing is that I grew up not being allowed to paint the walls because we were renting, so I always thought when I got my own place I’d do a room in every color, and now I’m completely comfortable with a clean white wall. Whodathunkit.

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@JLeslie I think he likes the clean look of white although now he said he does like the sage green. I admit a couple times I experimented when he was out of town and even I didn’t like the outcome. Small areas with a splash of color. I like the subtle colors (mostly pale yellows, beiges and greens).

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You know that old quiz about how do you feel in a white room with no doors or windows. The answers are towards the bottom in an answer of mine with the word answers bolded. Take the quiz before looking at the answers if you are curious.

@KNOWITALL Growing up We had white walls. My mom tried painting a focal wall once, she painted it blue, and she painted back over it white a few months later. I think, I can’t believe I can’t remember for sure, that when my room was orange and brown when I was young, ages 9–13ish my walls were orange. Otherwise, I always had white walls, or off white, but color schemes for sure. My parents are from The Bronx and grew up renting like so many NYers, plus my maternal grandfather is an artist, so wall color is white to display the art.

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The only room in our house that is white is my bathroom, but I have a lot of very colorful accessories and 3 color photographs that I took. The accent colors are mostly salmon orange and mossy green. My towels are Salmon Colored and I have a shower curtain that has the salmon, cumin and dark mustard and mossy green stripes. I have a frame around the big mirror over the toilet that has the cumin and mossy green with a tiny bit of blue. One of the photos is of koi fish swimming in a pond, so it has the salmon color, the mossy green, and the blue. Even though the colors are quite bold and different, all of the colors tie in with something else in the room, so it’s a very cohesive look. I didn’t want to paint the walls anything other than white, because I knew my accent colors would be the focus. We just added slate tile to this room. It kind of has a craftsman/Japanese look to it.

Our family room has very rich colors. 3 walls are a light Sesame Seed color, the main wall with the fireplace is the color of Cumin and the fireplace is Cayenne. The trim and the ceiling are white. In this room we have a combination of Craftsman Style and Danish Modern furniture.

The living room is a light peach color with the high ceiling painted white and a dark hardwood floor. The entryway is painted the same cumin color as the wall in the family room, so it ties in.

My bedroom has 3 walls painted a very light Butter Yellow and the one accent wall in which the head of my bead is places is a dark, rich Taupy Gray and the ceiling is white. I actually found this color combination on an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and fell in love with it.

Our downstairs powder room has all 4 walls painted the same cayenne color from our fireplace, with a white ceiling and white door. We were afraid that it would be too dark, but it looks fabulous and rich. It looks kind of like This, only we have a white cabinet.

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My walls are hand plastered on top with beaded wide board paneling on the bottom. The plaster is painted white. The paneling is colonial green in the gathering room, bittersweet in the dining room, butter in the kitchen and barn red in the bedroom.

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