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Know of a double oven with toast feature?

Asked by JLeslie (65185points) September 26th, 2013

I prefer it be a wall mounted unit rather than the ovens be part of the stove. However, I will take those suggestions also.

The upper oven should be smaller in height so I can use it lie a toaster oven, and get my toaster oven off the counter.

So far I know Maytag has the all in one with stove free standing type.

Just to be clear, toast means both sides cooking at the same time. I have googled and googled and for whatever reason am having trouble coming up with options. This seems like the most logical oven to me, I am surprised not every manufacturer makes it.

I do need it in stainless steel just to add one more detail.

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I’m trying to visualize how they would do that. You would need a heat element (high temp) on the bottom of the oven – high temp like a broiler – just like there is on the top of the oven (where there already is a high temp element.

I think that the main issue is distance. The reason the toaster oven does so well on toasting is that the bread is only 2–3” from the element on either side. The heat doesn’t have time to dissipate by the time it gets to the bread. In a (real) oven, the opening (distance between heating elements) is likely to be 18” or more. (After all, the oven has to be big enough to do turkeys and roasts and such.) WHich means that if you put the toast in the center, there’s a 9” distance to the break from the burner. I think that you lose far too much heat over that distance.

The other factor is energy consumption. A toaster oven is maybe 5” x 10” x 8” deep. So you are heating up 400 cubic inches. Pretty efficient. A real oven is 18×24 x 24 or so, or almost 11,000 cubic inches. So you would be wasting a tremendous amount of energy heating a cavernous oven for a couple pieces of toast.—if they heat the toast at all (see previous paragraph).

Bottom line – you won’t find them because they don’t work well and would waste energy.

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@elbanditoroso Maytag makes one, but I don’t think they have a wall unit, which is what I really want. The space in the oven is similar to a large toaster oven, a little wider obviously, but it would be better quality and not take up counter space. My toaster oven does take longer to toast than a toaster, but I also use it to cook almost everything, so I use much less energy for almost everything I bake and broil, because it is a much smaller space to heat than a standard sized oven.

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We have a GE freestanding that does that.

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@janbb Do you use it for toasting?

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@JLeslie Yes, I have done. And for making things like tuna melts or open grilled cheese sandwiches.

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I’m not sure if this is what you have in mind, but we own this guy and have been very happy with its toasting abilities. The convection feature is especially nice. Plus we can do rotisserie chickens whenever now. We use it so much, we would eliminate our microwave if it wasn’t a built-in. And I think it can be wall-mounted; I’ll check the back.

Edit: whoops, you wrote double oven. How did I miss that? Never mind about the little oven then!

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@wildpotato Actually, it could be a single. I could get a separate single oven if it matched well. As long as it comes stainless it will likely match. Your link didn’t work though,

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Probably because it’s a mobile link. This should fix it. If not, google “food network convection oven”.

I just checked with my fiancé, and he says it is not wall-mountable.

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I have a toaster oven that is similar to that. I LOVE it. I do almost all my baking in my toaster oven. I always buy a large one that can fit a regular 8” square baking dish and a “medium” sized frozen pizza.

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Let me just make sure I’m understanding you.

You currently have a toaster oven which does BOTH sides simultaneously?

Any toaster oven I’ve ever used did the top side and then it was necessary to flip the bread over.

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@Buttonstc All top of counter toaster ovens I have ever had toast. Meaning they have three functions you can set it on. Bake, broil, and toast. I want that in a wall oven.

The top of counter toaster ovens usually cost between $30 and $130. I usually get one in the $60ish range, because I like the larger ones, and I don’t need an impressive name like Cuisanart, but the larger ones do take a little longer to toast than the smaller ones. The last one I bought is much lower quality, more tinny, I bet it was made in China. I bought it in either Walmart or Target, it was probably made for them. It’s the first time I am dissappointed with the quality of one. I’ve had it 7 years though, and use it almost every day. Usually a toaster oven lasts me about 5–10 years. This is my third during my 20 year marriage. My mom always had one also when I was growing up. I roast veggies in it, bake brownies, make open face sandwiches on toast, toast bagels, cook frozen pizza, finish up baked potatoes (microwave them first and then last ten minutes in the toaster right on the rack to get both sides a little baked at once). I don’t know how people live without one.

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