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Should I get new tires?

Asked by tedibear (18869points) September 26th, 2013

Yes, I have been awful about tire rotation. As in 26,000 and I haven’t had it done. Yes, I know it’s bad, so please don’t chide me about it! Thanks. :-)

I went to a national chain to get an oil change and tire rotation. They would not rotate my tires because the treadwear was too uneven. (I heard the numbers 3mm and 8mm but was too annoyed that they couldn’t do it to pay attention to what those numbers meant. I also think they said that the difference was from side to side, not front and back.) The man there told me that they used to be able do this, but have been since forbidden. He also said that a mom & pop shop might do it.

Should I suck it up, get new tires and swear to be better about rotation? Should I take the car to the mom & pop place to see if they will do it? These are the original tires and I think they’re only rated for 30,000 miles. About 90% of my driving is on the highway, if that matters.

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I would get new tires. I know they’re expensive, but you don’t want bad tires on the highway. You’re playing with fire there.
I’m really bad about getting my tires rotated as well, so no chiding from me. :0)

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3mm means that the tires may not be able properly dispense of water when confronted with wet roads. You may lose grip and get into an accident.

In some countries you may be under the legal minimum and be fined. I don’t know about that, where you live.

If a professional tells you to get new tyres, you should seriously consider doing so.

A car crash is likely more expensive and definitely more miserable.

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Yeah, get the new tires and see if you can get them somewhere that offers free rotations then try to get on a more regular rotational schedule. Also have them check the alignment if you think there may be a problem with uneven wear and if necessary have them aligned.
Some people suggest an alignment every time you get new tires anyway.

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With winter coming soon, and – assuming you live in a temperate zone in the USA – rain, snow and occasional icing conditions on roads, you will definitely want tires with better tread then, even if you’ve been able to “skate” so far. If the tires are that worn, and unevenly at that, then I’d opt for the new tires ASAP.

I won’t berate you for not rotating the tires, but… if you have your oil changed at a shop, why not make it part of the routine to have the tires rotated at the same time? It should hardly add to the cost, and maybe not at all to the time. (Since I use synthetic oil that only needs to be changed at 10,000 mile increments, I do it once a year and have the tires rotated at the same time. Most years I only see my mechanic that one time.)

In any case, here’s a link to help you measure tire tread depth and wear, and it will give you more information about what to look for.

PS: I would also strongly recommend tires with a longer mileage rating. They will cost more now, but they’ll save money in the long run – if you treat them right.

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You need new tires. You can check the wear by using a penny as a gauge. Insert the penny, Lincoln’s head down, into the tread. If you can see the top of his head, you need tires. Or look for the tread wear indicators. Small horizontal “bars” are cast into the tire tread at intervals around the tires. If the wear is fairly continuous across these bars, you need tires. Usually, if your tires are as worn as you say, rotation is useless and an unneeded waste of your money. Uneven wear from side to side on the front could bean alignment problem so check with your tire expert about that to increase the miles you’ll get on your new tires. Maybe you can replace the front tires now and the rear tires next spring.
And FYI- You don’t need an alignment every time you get tires although the tire store would be more than happy to do it and charge you accordingly!

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Don’t take chances with your life.
When you get new tires get an alignment too so they will wear evenly.

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I would get new tires. If they rotate them know there is a good chance your car will not ride smoothly. Plus, the tires are not very safe, especially in the rain and snow.

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Should you? You must! You could kill people.

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(Not reading the other answers)

YES, GET NEW TIRES! Your life depends on your tires and unless you need super expensive ones, it’s easier to just buy new tires every two years than stress about it.

Most places will rotate for free Mr. Lazy- lol

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If you live in a location where winter’s approaching, please get new tires. You truly don’t want to be driving in the snow and ice on worn, unevenly-treaded tires.

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I’m not going to chide you about tire rotation.

I don’t do it.

I find the increased performance worth the added expense.

Besides, does no one on Fluther drive a car with different series tires front and rear?

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