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Joe McCarthy and Ted Cruz. Twins separated at birth?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) September 26th, 2013

Have a look and decide for yourself. Could it be that Senator Ted Cruz was Senator Joe McCarthy’s twin, and was just held in suspended animation so he could carry on after McCarthy’s arrogant, self-absorbed paranoia had brought his career in the Senate to an end? You be the judge. Twins separated at birth?

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Considering just how close Ted Cruz’s views are to Joe McCarthy’s views… you could be absolutely RIGHT!

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Ted Cruz has certainly gained the attention of the left. Rationality has left the building.

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Ted Cruz must be a real trooper, for he seems so devoted to the cause! Maybe I’ll even buy him a tent. Does Cruz pay for his own health insurance? Oh, I forgot we do.

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I think he looks more like a young Bill Murray.

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@filmfann . . . young bill murray still looked like old bill murray

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@Linda_Owl Ted Cruz said he wished we had 100 men like now departed Senator Jesse Helms in the Senate. That’d put them uppity darkies in their place.

@Jaxk It’s been a long time now since I left the Republican Party, but I do feel for the few with some sense of rationality that for some reason remain. They’d have more impact in a big tent party that would listen to them.

@Paradox25 It’s the old Greedy Oligarch Pig mantra, “I got mine, fuck you.”

@filmfann & @Blondesjon Bill Murray can easily be made to look like Cruz. There’s no way he could be made to think like him. But progressives are already praying Cruz will be the 2016 presidential nominee because Bill Murray can do so much with his character of SNL.

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Check out the Tom Toles Cruz Cartoon from today’s Washington Post.

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@ETpro I did find it highly ironic that Cruz chose to read Green Eggs and Ham. Did he not understand the moral of that story and not see how this probably wasn’t the right time to choose such a story?

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@uberbatman He’s a Harvard trained lawyer who appears to have majored in Ted Crux deification. Because he’s obviously a god, he can do no wrong. We lowly humans just do not understand that his thoughts are higher than out thoughts, and his ways higher than our ways.

How else do you explain that he filibustered the legislation for 21 hours, then voted for it, and when asked why, claimed he did not vote for it?

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@ETpro Figured you would like Jon Stewarts version of Dr. SeussThe Bore-Ax.
I like the comparison. I knew he reminded me of someone but I could not think of who until you mentioned McCarthy.
Personally, I think Cruz should have a psych test. I think he has lost his marbles, or maybe he secretly works for the cartel and has promised to shut down the government so that they can smuggle in their products. Or he’s simply a terrorist sympathizer and this is his attempt at attacking the United States or to weaken our observation of his fellow terrorists.

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Outstanding. He’s on Cruz control to be the biggest political joke of this decade. Hey, why stop there? Go for biggest political joke of the century.

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