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Which nerve is connected to the ring finger and pinky?

Asked by Tennis5tar (1255points) June 23rd, 2008

Twice last night I woke up because those two fingers and the edge of my hand (on that side) were numb. I think I probably trapped the nerve.

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That is the ulnar nerve, which also results in numbness and tingling when you bang your elbow (otherwise known as your “funny bone”). You might have ulnar tunnel syndrome, but I doubt it. You might have simply aggravated the area, but if this persists, see your doctor. Good luck.

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If we look at the anatomy of the hand, we see that the ulnar nerve runs along the anterior (front) ulnar (pinky) side of the hand. The ulnar nerve supplies motor and sensory information from the medial (inside) side of the hand to the pinky finger and part of the ring finger.

When the ulnar nerve enters the wrist it goes through Guyon’s tunnel, which is made up of two bones called the pisiform and the hamate that are connected by ligaments. This is a tight area. So once an injury and inflammation occurs in the area, it will be more difficult to heal due to the repetitive stress and pressure.

In addition, the nerve sends off sensory branches before it enters Guyon’s Tunnel, creating two areas of possible injury. One is the sensory branch that, if injured, results in numbness and tingling. The second is the motor branch that causes a loss of muscle strength when injured. However, an injury can affect one or both branches. Therefore, some people have only numbness, tingling and pain, while others have motor weakness, and a few unlucky patients have both. Just to make sure you know….
Did you happen to hurt your wrist?

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