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Could you ever be so hungry that you would eat something that you knew would make you sick?

Asked by playthebanjo (2944points) June 23rd, 2008

Which would win? The desire to not be hungry or the desire to not be sick?

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I very rarely get sick (there pretty much has to be alcohol involved) and when I do, it’s typically on an empty stomach so I end up a pathetic mess trying to throw up something that’s not there! (you can thank me for the graphic image later) And because of that, the desire to not be sick would win – hunger can be done away with (temporarily) with water!

The only food I know makes me sick every time I eat it is Paprika/BBQ flavoured Pringles and particularly fatty duck.

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Wow…I have never seen paprika flavored Pringles. Must be an Ireland thing? Here we have black pepper and salt Lays…mmm

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I did that. After a night of partying in Cancun I ate a cheeseburger that had a slight shade of green to it. So disgusting but I was wasted! I regretted that the next day…trust me.

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hmmm, I don’t think I’d be able to eat it in the first place no. But if my life depended on getting a small amount of food in me then yeah I would. It’s hard. It’s like, I would never ever eat rotting meat, because it would just make you feel so much worse than you already are!

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I’ve done it. When I was young and stupid I got stranded and was homeless for awhile with my ex. (very long story here) We were so hungry, we ate little green oranges off someone’s tree. They were nowhere near ripe, and we knew we would get sick, but at least we weren’t hungry any more.

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I have food allergies (non-death-causing) so this happens to me all the time – especially when I’m traveling. If I’m so hungry I can’t handle it anymore, I’ll just eat it knowing I’ll be miserable for at least the next 24 hours.

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It has been suggested that when a person is in desert survival or surrounded by salt water and devoid of drinking water that the person must resort to drinking his own urine if it is the only liquid available. This technique has been said to extend life from one to two extra days
-Dr Phil

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edit :: that was a bit over the line

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I’m with figbash. Dairy makes me sooo ill. But if I’m hungry, and am too lazy, tired, or am otherwise unable to find something else to eat, I’ll eat dairy. Sometimes I even eat something I know will make me ill just because it tastes yummy. Ice cream anyone?

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Wow! Is that really Dr. Phil?!!

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It sure looks like him

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Wow!!! My hero!!!

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@scamp: what a sad story! glad you’ve gotten to a better place in your life.

several of my friends insist on having white castle after a night of drinking. it isn’t any surprise that they always get ill, yet they continue to insist. there is no reasoning with drunks!

my brother has that love/hate relationship with ice cream. i’m dealing with my fried potato addiction. though it only makes me feel sick and lethargic, not pray-to-the-porcelain-god ill

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Um. Surely if you’re gonna starve to death being sick wouldn’t really improve the situation none. Am I wrong?

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@surlygirl Thanks, but it was a hard lesson in life I made myself learn. I could have gotten out of it with a single phone call to my parents. But somehow I knew I would learn something very good from that experience. I grew up a spoiled brat and never wanted for anything. I decided then to get myself out of the situation because I knew that I would appreciate everything more if I had to scrape and struggle for it. It was a very good life lesson, and I am glad I went through it.

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Well, there’s only one thing that makes me sick; key lime cookies. I’ve only ever had them in the house once…

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A few years ago, I was dead broke and the only thing in the house was pasta and a giant, family-sized 2 litre jar of spaghetti sauce in the fridge. I made myself some spaghetti and later that night had the most awful stomach cramps, followed by explosive diarrhea. Later the next day I checked the jar of spaghetti sauce (which had been in the fridge for a few months) and discovered a golfball-sized lump of mold growing in it, down at the bottom. I sealed the jar and stuck it back in the fridge and forgot about it.

A couple of months later I was broke again, hadn’t eaten in three days, and discovered an old, dusty box of macaroni under the sink which I had forgotten about. I didn’t have anything to put on it, but I did still have that jar in the fridge, and…

Well, you guessed it. I used the spaghetti sauce with the moldy treat hidden at the bottom, knowing in advance that I’d get cramps and diarrhea. And because the golfball had become a mandarin orange, the cramps were worse and the diarrhea went from explosive to apocalyptic. Still, it was better than starving.

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