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Do you ever get suspicious that new trolls are actually old trolls, reincarnated?

Asked by jca (36043points) September 29th, 2013

Sometimes I see a new troll (aka a-hole) and wonder if this is actually an old troll, reincarnated. Do you ever wonder that?

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I do! I know exactly what you mean. I think there are professional trolls that go around and get their jollies by being an irritant to others. It’s kind of sad.

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It’s probably a way of life for them; how they get their kicks. It keeps them off the streets.

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A troll by any other name is still a troll. No, never crosses my mind if they are a reincarnated troll….admittedly I see trolls as an opportunity to exercise my sharp wit and humor.
“Who’s that tripping over my bridge?”
Brings out the Ogress in me. lol

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I troll is a troll, once that is determined I stop caring completely.

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I’m sure it happens, but I’ll be damned if I’ll try to guess who it might be, if that’s what’s happening. What The Batman said.

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Yes. I certainly do.

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Yes, I wonder, but I lose no sleep over it.

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I don’t care enough to give a shit.

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Those are zombie trolls and best avoided.

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Zombie trolls with putrified penises. ( Refer to sex with zombies Q. the other day haha )
Trolls are never female.

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Zombie trolls with putrified penises.

I lolled.

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Yes, and do you know why that suspicion is commonly held? Because it’s true.

As a moderator, I can confirm that many current trolls are often incarnations of older ones.

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Yes. I can think of two members of Fluther. One is old and established, and the second one is fairly new. The old one is trollish, but is well tolerated, apparently because of connections. The second one seems to masquerade as someone associated with a certain website. But I think they are one and the same person (for reasons I can’t go into here, or my comment will be deleted, because it’s been deleted before). It ain’t cool to bust a troll’s identity!

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It does happen, pretty frequently.

@snowberry I know who you’re talking about…I remember the comment that was removed. Just wanted to say that neither of the people you’re talking about are actually trolls, and they are for sure not the same person.

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Yes. Especially why they’re supposedly new, but speak Fluther vernacular right out of the gate.

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@Dutchess_III Haha I’ve seen that happen quite often. ’‘Newbies’’ who know all the Fluther tricks from day one. It’s like dude, you’re not even trying.

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I don’t know that that’s entirely fair. I lurked for a long time before actually joining to post a response or a question. I think a lot of people do that. Though… some demonstrably don’t.

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Lurking and going around deliberately insulting people are two different things @glacial.

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@Dutchess_III I’m just referring to the point that you & @Symbeline were making about “speaking Fluther vernacular”. If someone is hanging around the site for a few weeks or longer before finally finding the gumption to join and say something, they’re going to pick up a lot. I knew about the formatting before I joined (for the first time!), just from reading other people’s posts. But I often see people here saying that knowing how to format was a clue that someone was a returning member. It’s really not hard to pick up that kind of thing from just reading.

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Yes, I often think that @so and so might have been @whats it in a former life. When I do think that, I often contact Auggie to see what she thinks.

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