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Do you think the concept of heaven or hell could be another dimension?

Asked by antimatter (4411points) September 30th, 2013

I watched an episode of Thru the wormhole by Morgan Freeman and it was about other dimensions. And I was wondering should we die and we go to heaven or hell do we go to another dimension and is heaven or hell perhaps another dimension?

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Most likely if heaven or hell exists, it would be some other dimension. We’ve seen no evidence of it in this dimension.

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Yes, when you die a wormhole opens up and your immortal soul is sucked into it. Afterward it is deposited in a different dimension depending on your behavior in life. That’s why science doesn’t detect souls walking the Earth. Because they all go through a wormhole. Really suddenly, the very infinitesimal fraction of second you die in.

Everyone knows that, but we were keeping it from you. It was supposed to be a surprise.

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I personally do not believe in heaven or hell in the traditional religious concepts. I believe heaven and hell are states of mind. I believe that any one of us can express ratios of each simultaneously. Those states of mind are carried forth into the next existence, which may or may not be another dimension. I don’t know. I believe it is a realm of pure thought. I don’t know if that qualifies as another dimension.

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Oh it is certainly possible. In the same way that my closet could be a magical gateway to Narnia.
But you know what is more likely? That heaven and hell are fictitious inventions designed to get new converts via the carrot and stick approach.

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Do you think and not do you believe in?


No evidence in support of that concept so I can suspend belief and not think about it.

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@bolwerk aaaw you spoiled my surprise! :-(
@ragingloli that’s so true and yet millions believes in it… weird or what?

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My invisible fire-breathing dragon says Heaven and particularly Hell are myths developed by the priestly set and rulers in order for them to make themselves extraordinarily wealthy and powerful. She also says that there is not yet any more evidence supporting extra dimensions and wormholes than there is supporting the existence of Heaven or Hell.

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Sure. Why not? Anything is possible.

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Sure, I guess it could be but why? Heaven/Hell are the reward/punishment for this life. Why would you get bumped into a different dimension and who chooses which is the reward dimension and which is the punishment one?

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Your fire breathing dragon is a she? No owner she never wants to watch the game with me.
I mentioned this in the UFO post the other day. If we want to imagine something that has no grounding in reality, we can make up the rules as we go along. It’s not there, it’s exactly as the epistles mention, it’s another dimension, it’s in the matrix. The skies the limit ( I got to use that joke in the UFO post)
I doubt it’s another dimension though because we may observe new dimensions in the future, but I doubt we’ll find heaven there.

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When I die, I’ll have a clue and I’ll let you know.

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Houdini promised to get back with us after he died. We’re all still waiting.

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Could be. But perhaps not. I could just tell you but I prefer to speak in riddles.

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@The_Lord_thy_God Uncle Bob? Why didn’t you tell me you were God while you are still alive? Oh, and when did you take up speaking early 17th century English?

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No. Not in it’s most believed context.

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