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Can't delete a folder in Ubuntu?

Asked by Fenian (21points) June 23rd, 2008

I am totally unable to delete an old folder, or move it or anything else, like if it was owned by root, any suggestions how i can solve this minor problem.

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Well… are you sure is not owned by root? Have you tried getting into the terminal and remove it with “sudo”?

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sudo rm -r oldfolder

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Which folder is it? (You might not want to delete it :)

Have you checked who the owner is? How was it created? Is it perhaps on an external (read-only?) drive?

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It might be possible that you did not have permission to delete folder…for that
u should first give the permission to access by following command as mentioned below
chmod -R 777 <folder-path>
then run command as
rm -f <folder-path>

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