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I drive a 1999 Dodge Durango. What can i do to improve it's gas mileage?

Asked by redsfan1324 (184points) June 23rd, 2008

I don’t mean accelerating slower etc., but actual parts i could purchase to improve my mpg…

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the easiest thing to get would be a MPG meter it will give you instant feedback on your driving style and how it affects your mpg

you could get a timing chip that improves gas mileage (changes the way fuel is injected, mainly when and such)

some kind of wheel well skirt to reduce drag around the wheels–34-0-a-290.html

although I think the solution of “buying more” to improve your MPG isn’t necessarily the best solution

remove any racks accessories that decrease how aerodynamic your car is

remove crap from your car (ie decrease weight)

change your driving style (55mph max)

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[Mod says]: While it’s easy to go for the cheap laugh, let’s try to answer the question instead.

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Remove the tailgate, install a flow-through tailgate or tailgate net.
They help a bit.

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@knotmyday… does a durango even have a tailgate? isn’t it a full size SUV?

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Small things: but make sure your tires are inflated the proper pressure. Also, drive with your windows closed. These are tiny things, but they do improve gas mileage overall (on all vehicles, incidentally).

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@Soundedfury: “Carpooling” is not a cheap laugh. It’s a way to multiply fuel efficiency. If you drive a bus-sized vehicle, maybe put a bus-load of people in it. Solves traffic congestion as well, which in turn adds another factor to fuel efficiency. Think outside your mental boxes.

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@zaku – That’s great, but it doesn’t answer his quest. He didn’t ask how to increase fuel efficiency, he asked how many miles he can travel per gallon of gas. If you have any other complaints, feel free to take it to private messages.

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@Alex – Got me. Brain fart.

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@sound – the original question, “what can I do to improve its gas mileage” is absolutely a question about fuel efficiency. Improving fuel efficiency means improving the number of miles driven per gallon of gas. While I agree that zaku’s answer does not directly address improving the fuel efficiency of redsfan’s truck, he does offer a way to improve fuel efficiency in general. In fact, if you consider that redfan has X number of miles to travel every day and wants to travel those miles using the least amount of gas, then Sound’s answer is perfectly appropriate.

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flowmaster exhaust
Air intake system

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ninja has the best answer here. All of those things will improve your mileage. I promise.

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@ Zaku- is it worth it to fill your car up with six people and drop off or drive extra miles to accomodate? Not everyone lives in the city. the extra stop and go makes for worse mileage.

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@judochop – Of course it depends on the situation, but generally if it looks like carpooling makes sense on the map at all, then it will save a lot compared everyone driving in their own car. Also many people enjoy not having to drive all the time, and it lets people talk instead of being alone.

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I heard that if you put in headers that it can reduce your milage. Does anyone know anything about that?

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headers could if your car is not tuned properly for them. On newer cars, when your car flows better your stock ecu will compensate by putting more fuel into the mix. That’s why you must have it chipped or your ecu tuned to the mods you have installed

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