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Do you like the new Panic At The Disco, (aka, beatles tribute band) or the old electric P!ATD?

Asked by redsfan1324 (184points) June 23rd, 2008
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Is there a choice c) None of the above?

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If I want a “Beatles” type band (other that the Beatles, of course) then I’ll listen to The Knack.

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I like the future P!ATD

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How about Panic! At the Disco sucks. And should never be recognized as The Beatles tribute band.

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but in the future they are robots and robots are always cool

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this sounds very wrong, i’ll just go for
C) this band should just be taken out back…

if i want to listen to a good beatles cover band, i listen to yellow matter custard because those are actually good musicians, not posers…just watch the 2nd solo by gilbert, or portnoy’s amazing drumming near the end, just amazing….

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PATD could never match the beatles or anything close to it. i cant believe people could place them as a beatles cover band

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i still wonder what’s the appeal of these types of bands, i mean, is it just their look ? it can’t be their music….

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ok, wow. forget i even mentioned the beatles. thoughts?

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@redsfan1324— Even without the mention of the Beatles they still suck.

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i havent had a chance to listen to the new cd, except that 9 in the afternoon song, which i dont like, so i cant comment fully

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