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What condiment are you?

Asked by AstroChuck (37461points) June 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

I admit that this is kind of like one of those stupid James Lipton (Inside the Actors Studio) questions, the kind I generally hate.
I think that I’m either Chinese Hot Mustard or Horseradish. But then again, I could be a nice Habañero Hot Sauce.

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i think im mustard. im good in certain cases, but if you have too much, it isnt special anymore.

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Soy Sauce. Why? I don’t know, it just sounds right.

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Definitely Blair’s 6 AM Reserve.

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I’m a homemade smoky bourbon BBQ sauce.

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I put hot sauce on everything. Depending on what type of cuisine, it’s either sriracha or a habañero-based hot sauce. My new thing lately is mixing Vegenaise® and hot sauce for dipping, etc. I’m not vegan or anything but that stuff blows doors on real mayo.

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worsteshire sauce I am full of stuff that shouldnt be good together.

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I might have to go with Chipolte(sp?) BBQ

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Soy sauce or Maggi Aroma (that’d actually be a cool name too!!). Gotta be savory!!

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I’d have to I’m kind of a mole (pronounced mo-lay) person. It’s a chocolate based sauce you can eat usually with chicken. It might sound gross, but is actually quite good.

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Ooh. If Mole is condiment I change mine. But I think I’d call it a sauce.

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Another option would be sweet sesame soy sauce – love that stuff!

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@tinyfaery What’s the difference between that and BBQ sauce, or soy sauce?

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You can put BBQ sauce and soy sauce on many different foods, but Mole is part of a dish. I see it more like alfredo or hollandaise. But that’s just me.

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I think I would be your good ol’ reliable tomato sauce.

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I’m definitely soy sauce or BBQ. I really like BBQ sauce. I knew a boy once whose initials were BBQ….

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Miso more or less shreds.

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At Dos Coyotes there is a sweet, green salsa that is delicious!!! I don’t know what the name of it is, but it’s tasty. I can’t resist having some when I go there (and, I’ll admit it, sometimes I talk my friends into eating there just so I can have the salsa).

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Ooh. I just ate at Dos Coyotes this last weekend. Great chipotle salsa. The green stuff has avocado in it, I think.
Is there one in Davis? I only know of one in Arden and another near me in Elk Grove?

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AC: There are two in Davis. One is out in South Davis in the same shopping complex as Office Max. The other is in the Marketplace (the place with the dancing pigs and the cow fountain) by Noah’s Bagels, Long’s, and Safeway.

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Sweet and sour sauce…that would be me. ;)

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Cheese Whiz

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I forgot I asked this. What a stupid question.WTF was I smoking that night? If there was ever an argument for negative lurve, this is it.

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