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What size is your life?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37526points) October 5th, 2013

Are you hemmed in by rules and rituals? or are you free and spread liberally across the landscape?

What would you say about your life? Does it have the right shape?

My life is a furtive, exciting, and passionate mixture at the moment. It’s got restlessness since I’m waiting for a contracted position to begin, there’s the thrill of free time filled with heroic levels of reading and writing, and of course, I have theatre where I’m co-directing a very fulfilling production. I’m breathlessly happy.

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My life is freer than many others in my position, but not as free as I dream. I wish I was fearless, but I’m not.

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My life is wide open now that my family and spouse are gone – sometimes scarily so, sometimes excitingly so. Right now, I am in something of a period of retrenchment after last year’s highs and low, feeling it is unlikely that I will find love again but rich in friends and canine companionship.

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Almost non-existent!

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I have no idea. I feel like I need something to compare it too.

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This is a great question. Right now my life is bigger than it’s ever been, but still smaller than I’d like it to be. Most of my time is spent working or on responsibilities toward family, but I find time for reading, painting, outings with friends, and little day trips around the city.

I’m itching to have an adventure, like moving to a new city or at least traveling a bit. The last few years have been such an uphill climb. Before the last year or two, I’ve never had enough money to live comfortably. Stuff like having fun and travel weren’t even in the picture, because I was so worried about rent and food all the time. Now I’m pretty comfortable, so it might be time to make my life a little bigger.

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It’s a little too big for me right now, to be honest.

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Mine has experienced serious shrinkage this last year.
It was expansive, now it has deflated, my balloon has popped.

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What a delightfully-worded and thought-provoking question! Thanks for that.

My life is… modest, contained, comfortable and heroic in my dreams. I’m okay with it as it is for now. Since I’m planning to live forever (so far, so good!) I figure I’ve got plenty of time for whatever…

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My life is full, full, full…but still not fulfilled..still missing something….the years are going to quick. I am starting over, kind of doing a redo. Remarried in June, building a house and have gone back to school. Feel overwhelmed and to old for this sh*t, the days go by and I’m stressed, sometimes I don’t know why i do it. I’d like to travel, lay by the beach and sell good smelling lotion, candles or something non stressful, lol.

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My life is good. I’m gaining some new appreciation of things and it’s interesting.
@syz Sometimes fear is a good thing. I’ve been fearless all my life and it’s now paying me back a bit. I wouldn’t change anything but I might have been more careful.

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If my life is measured like the way the diameter of a wheel with spokes would be (with me at the center) and all the people I interact with (friends, family, coworkers, students I teach, people I serve as a volunteer)..then I’d say it’s slightly above average for the general population, and yet it feels just right sized to me.
Any bigger and I’d be spread too thin, any smaller and I’d feel under-utilized and start looking for new projects to take on or new people to help.

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‘Breathlessly happy’ How beautifully put, sounds lovely.

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^^^ Sounds lovely except for the possible difficulty in obtaining enough oxygen.

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My life is running out of room to grow here so I am planning on moving so it will have more space to stretch, expand, and roam.

This question reminds me of The Missing Piece Meets the Big O, which is my favourite Shel Silverstein book.

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What a wonderful question for me to find on my 65th birthday!

I would answer that the size of my life is grand!

My life is a grand symphony. The first movement, Allegro, started when I did (obviously) and would include my infancy, childhood, and young adulthood, up until I was about 40. it included my childhood, my education (formal and other) and my pursuit of art.

At age 40, the second movement, Adagio, began. It included becoming a husband, following a career path, and raising three wonderful children.

Now, at 65, I feel I am starting the third movement, the scherzo. I am waltzing the rhythms of retirement, with many themes recurring from the previous two movements, and some new themes added.

Right now I feel like I could live forever. Realistically, however, I face the possibility that my scherzo may be my finale, although have no reason to believe that, and I’m not planing on it!


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Universe man, universe man, the size of the entire universe, man!

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Fun size.

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My life can never have a “right” shape, or size; that is why I strive to pattern my life after Christ so i can have a “right” shape that is immeasurable.

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Just right, maybe not big to most but I love & am loved, each day is a new beginning that I look forward to.

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It depends on the day. From Friday night to Sunday night, when I have my two youngest grandsons, it is as big as the world. The rest of the time it is as small as a waiting room, but that suits me just fine.

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@Blondesjon sized.

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My “life” has the right shape but it’s smaller than usual. I mean, it’s not tiny but sometimes when I’m nervous it shrinks even more and gets sucked into my body and I have to dig him out. Poor little guy. I once put a thong on backwards and it fit. There is a ritual that one must preform in order to get the engine going. Needless to say, I’m not exactly “spread liberally across the landscape.” I’ll be lucky to “score” even when my wife wants it. Interesting question. I may have read between the lines a bit too much though…

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