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Any good ideas for good DIY home security?

Asked by antimatter (4411points) October 6th, 2013

This is a followup on my first question regarding how to soundproof my future home and I think it’s quite fitting to ask about security issues in and around my future home.
Any ideas are welcome because crime in South Africa is escalating.

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Get a dog with a good bark.

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How much can you afford? You can get a budget Zmodo camera system with 8 IR cameras, motion sensing for automatic recording and 1 TB of storage (good for over a month of recording) for under $400 US.
For example.

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In America I was just looking at Iris security systems. Reasonable prices, maybe they have something like it where you live. It is wireless video cameras, door locks and window alarms. You can control it from your phone, and you can pay for monitoring or not. The monitoring triggers phone calls to be made if the securty is breached. You can have them call more than one number like your cell, your spouse a neighbor, etc.

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Bulldog, 12 gauge pump & field cams around perimeter, not sure of your set up lol

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A couple of money-saving tips given to me by Chicago cops:

Whether you have a dog or not, get the biggest dog food bowl you can find and leave it outside.

Cheap aluminum curtain rods painted black and mounted inside your windows look like iron bars from the outside.

Martha Stewart should publish a book with ideas like this, titled “What I Learned in Prison”

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You could search google on how to build landmines. Scatter those around the house.

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Best idea I got was from a guy who came to sell me an electronic home security system and looked at my door into the garden which is all glass panes. He told me it was easy for a burglar to break a small pane and reach in and unlock the door and that covering it with a pane of lexan [polycarbonate plastic] would do the trick. Easy. And I even cut a hole in it for the cat door [too far away from the knob and lock to aid a burglar].

I didn’t buy the security system, just the lexan.

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Love your idea @ragingloli got any suggestions where to search?
I don’t like dogs @KNOWITALL but the shotgun is a good idea with @LuckyGuy camera security system

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If you want accessibility in your home security system, you can check, it is a home security system in your phone. In short, home security system goes mobile.

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