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Best position to help with long term career goals?

Asked by chelle21689 (7079points) October 6th, 2013

Hey guys, as most of you have known, I have been wanting to start a staffing agency in the LONG term future. I’ve been having this idea for almost a year now and it’s still stuck in my head…especially if it has anything to do with HR because I’ve been trying for over a year now to break into that field. Honestly, I’m having a DIFFICULT time breaking into HR. I can’t even get an unpaid internship because of no experience even though I have administrative and customer service experience…not to mention a business degree!

Anyways, the technical staffing firm that turned me down for the HR internship said that they think I’d be a better fit for recruiting instead. I like recruiting but I don’t know if that will lead me into HR and I’m scared it’s mostly based on commission. The internship is unpaid and only 3 months part time. It’s a little closer to my home and possibility to hire. The HR coordinator I spoke to is actually friends with my brother.

Another staffing agency wants to interview me for a FULL time administrative assistant position, 40 hrs/week, and is contract to hire. I do like administrative work too (anything is BETTER than customer service call center job which I badly want to quit).

Which position do you think is best to help me reach my goals in starting a staffing agency one day AND possibly get into HR? Is it possible to get cross trained and ask to learn more about some HR procedures if I do administrative work?

Any advice would help a lot!! Thank you!

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I would go for the administrative position. You can learn some HR skills in the position, and there is a great likelihood of moving up.

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I’d go for the administrative position also, and see about taking more classes to support the HR plan. I don’t know what they would be, but you sound smart enough to know, or know how to find out.

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I don’t get it. You want to own a staffing company, but you are not interested in recruitment? I think you should do the recruiting. Understanding that position is essential for the business you want. You will learn techniques for getting into companies, meaning breaking through the gatekeepers and getting to talk to people in senior positions. If you are also responsible for getting new business you will leanr how that is done. Administrative is administrative, you can do that at any company.

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I did not say I wasn’t interested. I’m more so interesed in HR just in case things don’t pan out.

So you think that recruiting internship shoudl be chosen even if it’s unpaid and 3 months? Choose that over the administrative assistant correct? That sounds good advice.

Thanks =)
I’ve also applied for some HR/Recruting position (lower pay….) but waiting to hear them call back for an interview.

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@chelle21689 Do you get any money for the internship? I think you said commission right? Recruiting can be more difficult than you think, especially executive recruitment. People have no idea all the tricks that are used for it and the level of knowledge required. I think you will learn much more doing it if you have the interest. The techniques can also help you get a job you really want, because you will learn how to get into companies.

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No, no money. But if I’m hired then I’d get paid (not sure if it’s commission or not) only reason I think it’s commission is because I heard recruiting was like sales. Thanks for the advice though, I’m thinking of going with them instead of an admin assistant.

And I just found out that the admin assistant position isn’t actually at a staff agency..the staff agency is hiring me through them…so I think I’ll gow ith the internship =) If I hear back from the other staffing company to work for them as HR entry level then I’ll choose them!

I am trying hard to get into HR areas

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Head hunting usually is commission.

Staffing firms usually are not very difficult to get a job with if after the internship you want to work for one. There are different types of staffing. Some focus on a specific industry, others do blue collar type jobs, others do nursing, others retail, etc. the high level head hunters that do presidentt and C level jobs are much different than ones that just fill secretarial needs.

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That’s what I’m worried about is commission…not having a steady paycheck =\

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I thought you live with your parents? The commission is usually very good if you actually fit some candidates with some companies.

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I do. I’m just worried to be stuck in a job if I’m unable to live off of it and move out, lol. I guess I can give it a try. Thanks…

But I mean, recruiting is a gateway for other HR positions you think?

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Any HR position can be a stepping stone. Recruiting is much more “senior” than administrative work. Not that I see anything wrong with admin work, I have been an admin. But, for the most part admins are not really seen as people who will move up, it does delend on the company though. An admin can be an admin in any department. I have to dumb my resume way down to get admin jobs when I want one. Again, I am not criticizing admins, I know executive assistants and personal assistants who make great salaries and have a lot of responsibility. You basically can do admin work because you are a fast learner, know how to use a computer, well spoken, and competent. You can already say you have admin experience having worked in your parents store. But, you can’t say you have recruiting experience.

But, I am not trying to convince you, I am only trying to provide all the angles.

You might do the job and realize you hate it, which would be very important to know since you think you want to own a staffing business.

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No @JLeslie you did a great job convincing me, hehe. I have confirmed my interview for the recruiting internship :). Thanks so much. I appreciate it.
Lol this won’t be the last you hear about me asking questions about careers. I honestly would be happy to learn recruiting unpaid than be paid for this call center job.

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What is your answer to this question:

Why do you want to start a staffing agency in the long-term future?

I think this is worth exploring to increase your chances of succeeding.

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You have already learned a lot from the call center job, possibly things you wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. Put your knowledge to good use when you’re in charge!.

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